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One Goal: Seven Wins

I’m calling it. We need seven wins.

That’s what it will take to win the AFC West or the Wild Card. Four weeks down in the NFL season and I have not seen a single dominant team. I’m not impressed with anybody, except for maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers who are 3-1 despite missing their two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback.

That being said, the Chiefs need seven wins. Seven wins gets us to 10-6, usually considered the low water mark for playoff teams. So can the Chiefs do it? I’ll revisit the remaining schedule and break it down.

Sorry for looking ahead, but I’m milking this 3-0 start for all its worth.

Week 5: @ Indianapolis

I know I said the Chiefs can beat the Colts. But just because they can, doesn’t mean they will. The Chiefs have a better coaching staff than the Colts, but the Colts have better talent. They’re on the decline, but I’m still seeing that old Colts magic. Peyton Manning will put this team on his shoulders and beat the Chiefs. Chiefs Lose, 27-17.

Week 6: @ Houston

Not impressed by them since Week 1. They barely escaped in Oakland, but don’t count them out just yet. I think we have a shot at winning this one, but I just can’t see us doing so. Chiefs lose, 34-24.

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    Week 7: vs. Jacksonville

    Maurice Jones Drew has to break down eventually. The Chiefs run defense has been stifling. MJD ran for only 106 yards on 26 carries against Indy’s horrible run defense. I think we take this one down. Chiefs Win, 28-17.

    Week 8: vs. Buffalo

    I said it in my preseason predictions, the Chiefs better win this freaking game. Chiefs Win 30-10.

    Week 9: @ Oakland

    They don’t look too good. But it’s a rivalry blah blah blah. I still think we sweep the Raiders this year. Chiefs Win, 17-3.

    Week 10: @ Denver

    This game worries me. It’s the Broncos. They’re annoying and they always find a way to poop in our cereal bowl. Chiefs Lose, 24-16.

    Week 11: vs. Arizona

    Another team that has looked bad in the early goings. Gotta win this one. Chiefs win, 16-7.

    Week 12: @ Seattle

    They’ve played well at home…but they’re still pretty bad. Chiefs win, 24-23.

    Week 13: vs. Denver

    Just a two week turnaround. We take them at home. Chiefs win 26-14.

    Week 14: @ San Diego

    Yet another home blackout for the Chargers won’t save the Chiefs. Chiefs lose 27-10.

    Week 15: @ St. Louis

    They’ve looked better. But I’m still not a believer. We have to win this one. Chiefs win, 30-21.

    Week 16: vs. Tennessee

    They are so very undisciplined. Our coaches win this one for us. Chiefs win 16-9.

    Week 17: vs. Oakland

    If it comes down to this game deciding our playoff hopes, I can easily see a 4-11 Raiders team pulling a miracle out of their asses and beating us. I hope against all hope that it doesn’t happen. Chiefs win, 20-14

    There you have it. A pretty liberal dose of Chiefs optimism that leaves a lot of room for error. This is possible. The schedule isn’t airtight with playoff caliber teams. Gotta win the ones that we should.

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    • wow… so you really see us going 12-4?

    • If we win the ones we should, yes. Yes we can. This team can win 10 games though.

    • we’re gonna lose probably at least two of the ones we SHOULD win. so i’m saying 10-6. before season i predicted 9-7, but i didnt think we’d own san fran.

    • I’m sticking with my 9-7 prediction… That include a 3-0 start, by the way!

    • @Tom yeah, you’re right. We will probably end up losing at least two games we should win.

      But it’s the NFL. We could lose three or four games we’re supposed to win and sweep Indy/Houston. We’ll just have to wait and see!


    • To me it seems our easy schedule got easier after seeing all the teams in these four weeks. Health will be an issue throughout the season but a team that looks like the Chiefs should win at least 9 games if they are still in good physical shape.

      A lot can happen. Bye weeks are a good time to look down the road.

      Also, if they win one of these next two games, the Chiefs will gain even more cred. Not that they need it but it is nice to be able to have some dignity on Sunday. A lot of eyes will be watching on Sunday.

    • Chiefs Need Seven Wins to Keep Playoff Hopes Alive | #Chiefs #NFL

    • I definitely feel more comfortable about facing the Colts and Texans after watching the week 4 games, but we know how it goes.

      Manning is supposed to shred the Chiefs young secondary… That means 120 passing yards and 2 picks
      Indy cannot run the ball… That means the Colts will rush for 250 yards
      Indy cannot stop the run… That means the Chiefs will rush for 60 yards
      The Chiefs cannot throw the ball down field… That means 375 passing yards and 3 TDs from Cassel, including 2 long TD passes to Bowe

      Texans appear to becoming a running team… That means Arian Foster will have 8 attempts
      Owen Daniels hasn’t been part of the offense… That means he will be targeted 15 times, with 12 catches, 165 yards and 2 TD

      It seems that everytime a matchup seems to be OBVIOUS as to how it plays out, it ends up the EXACT opposite

    • Chiefs Need Seven Wins to Keep Playoff Hopes Alive | #Chiefs #NFL #Colts

    • @ChiefsCommand they can do it!!!!

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