Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 6

Things can certainly change on a dime, can’t they?  The Kansas City Chiefs were undefeated two weeks ago and thinking playoffs, now they are 3-2 and some of that confidence has slipped away.  This weeks game against the Houston Texans was certainly a microcosm of the season.  Just as the Chiefs seemed close to salting away another win, suddenly the Texans come roaring back and devastate the Chiefs with a last minute touchdown.  Still, I’d think that fans are still pretty happy with there the team is now and there are  some absolutely winnable games coming up.  Let’s get into our Briefs, shall we?

  • Look, I’m not going to lie.  My circumstances this weekend prevented me from being able to watch the game.  I was forced to listen to the game on the radio.  Honestly, I hate that the majority of NFL games are on Sunday.  I have a million things I like doing on Sundays like fish, hunt and play golf.  Not to mention all of the things that I have to do like mow the yard, fix broken stuff and drive my family from my inlaw’s house in northeast Missouri.  It can become pretty difficult to catch every game, every Sunday.  I’d love to see most games played on week nights, I don’t have anything going on and I’d love to fill it with some football.  Am I alone here?
  • I don’t know if it’s the fact that the Chiefs aren’t as good as they were in the 90′s but it seems to me that the old turn down the TV and turn up the radio routine isn’t as prevalent as it once was.  Is it because the absolutely legendary Kevin Harlan is gone?  For me it certainly is part of it, but Mitch Holthus is a pretty damn good replacement.  Do a lot of people still do this, or is it something that is in the rear view mirror?
  • Speaking of the radio, what is up with Lenny and Mitch saying “put the hammer down”?  It makes no sense, and it is about the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  There’s nothing like synchronized catch phrases that have nothing to do with the team to really annoy me.
  • This morning, I went to NFL.com to watch the highlights of the Chiefs game.  I clicked on the Chiefs and Texans game and launched “game highlights”.  Suddenly there are two commercial videos running simultaneously on the same page and they were two DIFFERENT commercials.  I always thought that the NFL had found the absolute maximum number of commercials to shove down our throats, but kudos to them for thinking of doubling the number of commercials being played at one single time.
  • Remember last week when Dwayne Bowe was being called terrible and someone the Chiefs should cut immediately?  Yeah, maybe it’s a good idea not to cut guys after they have a bad game, but hey that’s just me.  I know that inciting readers and listeners with absurd statements is what some do, but we’d all be better served to take our time and not make snap judgments.
  • I really liked Bowe pretending the ball was stuck to his hands after that awesome touchdown catch.  I’d love to go back to big choreographed touchdown dances.  Football is supposed to be entertaining, but with the endless replays and the crying over some touchdown celebrations you’d think that it was life and death.
  • Russ Loede over at Chiefs Gab actually did get to see the game, so you should read his breakdown.  He has some harsh words for Todd Haley, who somehow went from over-aggressive to weirdly content in just one week.  I’d put some of it on him learning to be a coach.  It’s like how he would yell in players faces last year, but hasn’t done that this season.  He is clearly learning on the job.
  • Chris Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride asks you to caption this, you really should.
  • John Bartram at Bleacher Report still thinks that the AFC West belongs to the Chiefs.  I’d say that I kind of agree, but I still feel like it’s smoke and mirrors at this point.  I’m just waiting for the whole thing to fall apart, and I’m desperately hoping that this isn’t the beginning of such a fall.
  • Joel Thorman at SB Nation says that the Chiefs can win with this Matt Cassel.  I’m sure that that sentiment is something we all HOPE is true, but don’t really believe.  Especially considering THIS Matt Cassel lost this week.  I still don’t think that not turning the ball over is acceptable out of the QB position, but hey what do I know?
  • Big Matt over at Chiefs Addict suggests it’s time for Mike Vrabel to make way for younger and better players.  I think he’s probably right, but good luck getting any coach to put veterans on the bench for better players, regardless of the sport, it rarely happens.
  • Wanna know what it looks like to parachute into a giant football stadium?  Wonder no more.
  • Apparently ESPN asked the head coaches of the Monday Night Football game to take more timeouts so they could squeeze in more commercials.  To me, this seems outrageous.  A network can make requests of the coaches of a game while it is happening, and even scarier, some of them will do what the network asks of them?  I don’t like slippery slope arguments, but the thought of this going further should scare you.
  • This weeks Chiefs Historical Stat of the week:  The Chiefs all-time leader in tackles is Kevin Ross with 827, which is 226 more tackles than Derrick Thomas, who is in 2nd place.

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  • Nick, as always, one of my favorite reads each week!

    I can’t believe you missed the game where your boy Ryan Lilja made a fantastic block to spring Thomas Jones for a TD… I gave the fan-club President a Twitter, nonetheless.

    On a side note: I just went back and re-watched the Brandon Flowers pass interference call over and over again on slow-mo. As I have said since Sunday, the call should have been illegal contact on Flowers, not pass interference… Which happened before a push off anyway.

    Flowers put his hand on Johnson’s shoulder at the 7-yard (from line of scrimmage) mark, and moved it to his chest/hands area for another 3 yards.

    The call was wrong, but on the right player… The nonexistent “offensive pass interference” is irrelevant.

  • Yeah, i hated to miss it. But it was unavoidable. I did re-watch the play and my boy did some excellent work.

    Re: flowers: I hate boiling a game down to a single play. I know it feels like that was THE game, but in reality they had plenty of chances to try and win that game, but came up short.

  • If ESPN asked me to take timeouts for their benefit, I would ask them for a cut.

    I think the Chiefs will win the division but it seems that only the Broncos stand in their way.

    It probably is time for Vrabel to step aside but good coaches recognize that and make their adjustments. It isn’t up to the player. Maybe Vrabel should see less time and Studebaker more time.

    Good find on the Chiefs Gab article. By Haley’s logic, it was a bad outing because the outcome was bad. As Haley said, he judges players (esp. Cassel) on wins and losses.

  • @Joshua – I’m not ready to rule out San Diego

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