Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 3

Holy Cannoli!  The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0.  Of course it’s exactly what I predicted.  Whats that you say? Well, yes I did predict the Chiefs to go 4-12, but I figured they would go 1-12 in their last 13.  So, apparently it looks like my preseason prediction is blown up, and I am damn happy that is the case.  I’ve had more fun watching Chiefs games this year than I have since sometime in the late 1990′s.  Lets get down to the Briefs (see what I did there?)


  • I was a little tough on James Eric Berry last week, mostly because the Cleveland Browns set him up and he fell for it.  This week, however I think he learned from his mistake.  On the Flea Flicker by the San Francisco 49ers, he stayed home and didn’t get burnt.  When you don’t hear a safeties name called a lot on TV, its usually a good thing.
  • My friend Grant, in an attempt to get me to write it complains that Tyson Jackson always looks like he is on roller skates.  After seeing Shaun Smith this week, I think that Jackson just might need to apply for a job at Sonic because his job is in danger.
  • Speaking of Shaun Smith, apparently he was accused of inappropriatly touching a 49er in the swimsuit area.  I’ve tried and tried to come up with an nickname for Shaun that includes his affinity, but I’ve completely struck out.  So I implore you, dear readers to come up with one and submit it via the comments below or via email at brokenbatsingle at gmail dot com.
  • I really don’t like the Chiefs having a bye week so early, but the extra time to prepare for the Indianapolis Colts isn’t the worst thing in the world.  What are you doing on Sunday instead of watching the Chiefs.
  • It’s the typical response of the mainstream sports media these days to start a love-fest for a player who is terrible, merely because of a couple of good moments (see Betancourt, Yuniesky).  That seems to be the current sentiment surrounding Matt Cassel.  I’ve heard numerous media-folk say it’s time to get off his back because the Chiefs are 3-0.  Its crap, Cassel still sucks and completely sucked in the 49ers game.  A couple of decent throws and a great catch don’t wipe out 2 years of sub-mediocrity.  The record of the Chiefs does not indicate that Cassel is good.
  • Speaking of ole Happy Feet, did you notice that the offensive game plan almost never includes passes beyond 7 yards or over the middle.  It’s like they know that Cassel is going to overthrow his target an if they run short out routes, the ball will just sail out of bounds instead of into the hands of a defensive back.
  • I love seeing aggressive play calling like the Chiefs displayed on Sunday.  NFL coaches are so conservative that it can make the game extremely boring.  Their primary goal is usually to keep their job, not win games, so they go the conservative route so they can have a better explanation at the press conference.  I’m still not sure whether the play calls this week were aggressive or desperate.
  • I’ve been giving some love to Derrick Johnson, but last week he missed a few easy tackles and made some poor decisions.  Hopefully it was just a one week thing.
  • This weeks Chiefs historical statistic: the franchise leading career passer in total yards is Len Dawson with 28,507 yards. (I know this was kind of an easy one that most people know, but they will get more obscure, trust me)
  • During the bye week, it would be nice to answer reader questions in this post since there won’t be a Chiefs game.  There is absolutely no limit on the questions that can be asked, I don’t even care if it’s about football, in fact I might prefer it.  Send your questions to brokenbatsingle at gmail dot com.
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  • Cassel put up a lot of good numbers but he didn't play well enough to dispel much of his due criticism. He still only completed 60% of his passes. I don't think there is a future with Matt Cassel but there are enough diversionary players on the offense that Cassel doesn't have to be great. It sure would help if he were good, though.

    I would say the play-calling was aggressive. It didn't seem like the Niners defense was capable of stopping the Chiefs over four quarters. Trick plays seem desperate but the Chiefs would have put a lot of points up no matter what they ran.

    Shaun Smith was impressive in that game. I can see why they wanted him to be a DE. The Chiefs could still use Jackson but he is going to have to show that he can partake in stopping the run.

    The question I have is: has Barry Richardson played his way into being the permanent starter at RT? I don't know how true the mantra is that the o-line needs "chemistry" but in this case, status quo is working and it's hard to call Barry a sieve. He hasn't been perfect but it seems he has held his own.

  • The offensive line has been great this year. I'd say that as a group the O-line might be the best part of the team. It's better than the backfield, better than the seconday and d-line, no?

  • The line might be as good as the RB's. Jones and Charles are really good but they wouldn't be without a decent line. If I would have to say right now, I would say that the RB corps is in the Top 5 of the league and the line is in the Top 10. It's amazing what works when a team's line can block people.

  • unfortunately for the RBs, the QB is lumped into the backfield and negates a lot of their quality.

  • Shaun "Sack Snatcher" Smith… I still don't get it, what's so wrong? You steal a man's ability to do his job by stealing his manhood… Sounds like a winning philosophy to me!

    I'm all about alliteration!

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