Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 2

The Kansas City Chiefs sit atop the AFC West standings after two weeks, who could have imagined it?  Welcome back to my second article here at Chiefs Command.  If you’ve been with me for the past two weeks, you’ll notice a change in the name of the article.  Previously it was called “Chiefs Bullets”, but Chiefs don’t shoot bullets, they shoot arrows.  Unfortunately Chiefs Arrows doesn’t accurately convey the point.  Fortunately the word briefs not only summarizes the point (short thoughts), and not only rhymes with the word Chiefs but most importantly is a double entendre which is something I can get behind.  So onto the Chiefs Briefs.

  • In the department of ugly NFL gear, Jake Delhomme’s jacket might have surpassed Norv Turner’s lid.  It actually wouldn’t make a bad camo jacket for sitting in a duck blind, except the large orange helmet would kind of screw up the whole point.  Its another epic failure in NFL gear.  There should be a hall of fame of terrible NFL licensed clothing.
  • Last season I had to look up what the C patch on the NFL uniforms was all about (yeah, I know..duh).  But what I don’t get is the four stars, further googlenetting showed me that each gold colored star represented a year that the player was a Captain.  It’s a cool idea, except why only 4 stars?  Is it not possible for a guy to be a 5 year captain?  Does the NFL not care about the difference between a 4 and 6 year leader?  I don’t get it.
  • The Chiefs continually kicked the ball away from Josh Cribbs to prevent him from doing what he did last year and return two kickoffs for touchdowns.  I know that Cribbs is good and all, but seriously, what are the odds that he would return even one kick for a touchdown this year?  Praise has been given to Haley for the decision, but I don’t buy it.  Kick it deep and let your special teams do the work, odds are you’ll stop him even if it is by dumb luck.  Giving the other team the chance to start at the 30, even if it is the Cleveland Browns is a bad idea.
  • Is there anything worse in sports than the commercials -> kickoff -> commercials?  It’s like 20 minutes of nothing except a kickoff/commercial sandwich. I guess if you needed to change the oil in your car during the game, it could be helpful.  But dear Jesus, can we just cut out that second commercial break?
  • I’d trade Matt Cassel for Seneca Wallace, seriously.
  • Kudos to the offensive line on Sunday.  They really gave Matt Happy Feet Cassel a ton of time to throw the ball.  Of course he didn’t utilize it and did his usual thing where he gets freaked out at mild pressure and either rolls out or flings the ball at the first receiver he sees.  I’m not sure which is worse, the Cassell-Roll or the freak out pass.
  • Everybody is all over the Free Jamaal Charles bandwagon, but I kind of agree with the current strategy.  I like taking the bigger back and pounding into the defense, then once they are on their heels and winded, bring in the slashing back who can rip a 30 yard run on them.  Thomas Jones is like the jab and Charles is the upper cut.
  • Todd Haley going for it on 4th down and 1 to win the game is the only right call.  If you have the opportunity to gain one yard and win, you do it.  No exceptions.  If you can’t gain a single yard, then why are you even playing the game?  It is the same thing when you can go for a two point conversion and win.  Why would you give your opponent a chance to win?  If someone tells you that you can do a simple thing like gain a yard or two and you can win the game, there is no other option.
  • I love Dustin Colquitt, seriously. He is without question the best Chief on the team, and that is less a statement on how bad the team is and more a statement on how awesome he is.  I have an odd sensation of happiness when the Chiefs punt.  If i were to get a current jersey of any player, it would be Colquitt.
  • Speaking of punts, why does an NFL team need a different guy to return kicks and punts?  In my extremely short football career, I returned both and they weren’t that much different. You’d figure that an NFL return man could figure out the intricacies of both types of kicks, no?
  • I am a huge baseball fan and I am often amazed at how different the historical stats are treated in each sport.  To prove my point, I asked 6 different Chiefs fans to name the all-time touchdown leader in the team’s history.  Nobody knew for sure, some guessed right, some guessed wrong.  So, in an attempt to educate myself and you, I’ll bring you the historical stat of the week. This week:  most career touchdowns in Chiefs history.  Priest Holmes has 83 touchdowns to lead the franchise.
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  • JC/TJ – I'm right there with you…

    Colquitt – I said that if Dustin made the pro-bowl last year, I would buy his jersey… Glad that didn't happen… That's a special order!

    NFL Records – I've wondered the same thing as well… "Experts" and "analysts" bring up this point as well when discussing steroids in MLB vs steroids in the NFL. The only reason people care about roids in baseball and not football is because people care about records in baseball, but not in football… It really is quite strange.

  • I thought I was the only one who somewhat agrees with the charles/jones situation.

    I'd love a colquitt jersey, I'd just love it. However, I refuse to spend money on jerseys, which is still why I rock my replica marcus allen jersey.

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  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Nick's Chiefs Briefs: Week 2 http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/off... #NFL #KC #Chiefs Blog by @brokenbatsingle

  • @ChiefsCommand I'd love to see us bring Bobby Sippio back

  • Last jersey I bought was an Otis Taylor throwback, think with long sleeves. That's what I wear to games in the winter, layered with long johns and a tee shirt… It's way too hot to wear until about mid-November.

    Paid $40 a few years ago when the Chiefs had the OTAs at Arrowhead. Best sports clothing buy I have ever made.

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