Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 7

I think we have a decent idea of where the Kansas City Chiefs are at now.  They certainly can beat bad teams, and they can hang in with good teams.  Good thing for the Chiefs that there are a lot of bad teams on their schedule.  It does seem like there are a few too many over-confident fans and commentators.

Yes, the Chiefs are 4-2 and yes they lead the Division, but  six games is still very early in the season.  As The Wolf said in Pulp Fiction “Lets not start…” well, you know what he said.  There is a ton of work for the Chiefs still to do, but they have a nice buffer to start the season.  Time to get down to our briefs.


  • I was driving home from the airport and caught the pre-game on the radio.  Mitch Hothus asked Len Dawson for his Key to the Game.  Len Responds “My key of the game is that the Chiefs need to kick the Jaguars [Bleep]“.  Now, I put the [bleep] in there because the radio had it bleeped.  I assume he said ass, but I like to imagine he used something way worse than that.  I figure that ass is ok to say on the Chiefs pre-game, it seems odd to bleep the word ass.  So I like to imagine any number of curse-word combinations that Len used right there.  There was a bit of stunned silence after he had dropped that hammer on everyone.  It was either the single best or single worst game breakdown I’ve ever heard.  And you know what, the Chiefs did kick their ass.  So, nice work Len, you nailed it.

Newest Chiefs Posts

    • I’ve been a big fan of the Thomas Jones/Jamaal Charles split.  I think the value of having fresh running backs and a change of pace is huge.  Being able to sustain a drive and keep the defense on their heels with two very good running backs seems to be a very good system to me.
    • Am I ready to say Matt Happy Feet Cassel has improved?  No, I’m not.  I’m coming around to the idea that the Chiefs can win some games with a quarterback of his caliber though.  I still don’t think he is the Chiefs QB in 2012, and possibly 2011.
    • I still don’t understand how there can be so many empty seats at Arrowhead.  People are always telling me that football is the most popular sport in America.  If that is true, shouldn’t an NFL team leading it’s division be able to draw 80,000 fans for one of only eight home games?  Are the Chiefs just charging too much money?  Or is the popularity of the sport over-blown?
    • Bewsaf over at Arrowhead Pride shines the spotlight on Brian Waters.  The bottom line is that Matt Cassel should buy a lot of steak dinners for the veteran offensive lineman.   Also, this is the kind of thing that makes blogs fantastic.  They can spend time analyzing every offensive lineman and in great detail.
    • In my quest to re-fall in love with the NFL, I think I had a mini break through.  I realized that I can’t compare it to sports like baseball and basketball which I enjoy more.  The differences are just too stark.  Football, and particularly the NFL is less about the game than about what surrounds it.  It’s why it get such high TV ratings.  Anybody can enjoy and watch a sport that’s only 16 games long.  Each Sunday is a mini-festival where people can gather to watch the game.  I remember doing that for Chiefs games in the 1990′s, and the weeks I’ve enjoyed watching the game the most this season has been with other fans in the same room.  What really made me remember this was talking Chicago Bears while I was in Chicago.  I know some huge Bears fans and we talked quite a bit about them but nearly 99% of the discussion revolved around the tailgating and the partying.
    • Patrick Allen at Chiefs Addict tries to decipher Todd Haley’s coach-speak regarding benching Chris Chambers.  I really get annoyed at coach-speak and the blah and boring answers from coaches and players.  I’d prefer them to be honest and open, but fans and media like to tear apart people who are honest and open.  Every player you can name who is honest seems to get torn apart limb from limb.
    • The Chiefs play the Buffalo Bills next week.  I’ve always thought that somehow the bills have one of the coolest AND ugliest helmets in the NFL.  If you want to learn more about the team, here is a good Bills blog.
    • This weeks Chiefs Historical Stat of the Week:  Career leader in punts in a Chiefs uniform: Jerrel Wilson with 1,018.  Dustin Colquitt is actually 2nd with 427 punts.
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    • - Len Dawson said, “in the dick holes.” I think he’s getting senile.

      - I’m with you on the Charles/Jones split… Hmmm… Chiefs keep producing and all the sudden these sports talk guys are ok with the split…

      - I don’t think Cassel has “improved,” but I think he is more of the QB that he was in 2008, however.

      - I think it is simply better to watch football on TV. I enjoy tailgating and going to games, but it’s a long day when it’s over… I still go to 4 or 5 per year, but I’m just as content staying at home or going to the bar.

      - Bewsaf always a great job on his o-line articles… A must-read every week.

      – I think you’re right with the “mini-festival” analogy… The best part of Sunday is the tailgate, meet-up at the bar or the BBQ at a friends house.

      - I’m with you on the coach-speak… Speaking of, why is it “unprofessional and inappropriate” to call-out Brett Favre publicly for his mistakes, but when a young player is called-out it is considered to be a “motivational tactic.”

      - Bills will be tougher than we expected during the Chiefs bye week… Don’t get too confident, boys and girls.

      - Dustin Colquit at #2 is the stunning part of that stat…

    • The lag between the team returning to competency and Arrowhead selling out (still waiting) is interesting but it shows me that the fan base is still a little gun shy about buying into this team. I would say the Chiefs are worth rooting for again but a full season is needed to restore the season ticket holder base and gain the confidence of the rest of the fans. There were games blacked out at the end of last season and rightfully so.

      This is what happens when an ownership cares more about tradition than winning. Thankfully, the old, outdated and bad elements are gone for the most part. Clark has done a good job in getting this franchise back up to speed but it will take time for the fans to come back. I would think they will be back for a game in January.

    • I was stunned at the difference between the number of punts between #1 and #2 all time.

    • Two things. A.) I was in favor of the split from the word go.

      B.) Cassel has improved a little, yes. However, I still maintain the biggest reason he looks better is Dwayne Bowe is actually catching the football. A No. 1 receiver makes a HUGE difference. Before, Bowe was playing like a practice-teamer and the offense sucked. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since Bowe has taken his head out that Cassel has looked a lot better.

      Also interesting is Bowe’s two good games have come without Chambers. I’m not sure if that means anything, but it’s interesting to consider.

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