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What a perfect week to have a bye.  The weather was perfect, so having no reason to be inside watching television was great.  One of my good college friends had a wedding on Saturday in St. Louis, so I was able to ease my way back to Kansas City on Sunday without having to worry about getting home in time to see the Kansas City Chiefs game. Since there was no game to discuss this week, I’ll go off the beaten path some in the Briefs, some will have almost nothing to do with football.  Also, I’ve combined my links post and the Chiefs Briefs into a single post, so don’t freak out when you can’t find the Chiefs on the Web post.

  • I’ve been chronicling in part, my attempt to re-engage with the NFL this season.  So far, things have gone pretty well.  The Chiefs have sucked me in and I’ve been more attentive to their games than I’ve been in a long time.  However, I am just unable to watch a non-Chiefs NFL game.  I can flip it on for a second, but at the first break of the action, I’m gone.   Is it ok to be a fan of just your team and not the league they play in?  I watch a lot of sports, and in nearly all of them I can watch the team I root for and still enjoy it if they aren’t involved.
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    • Related to the point above, Sunday night is not a time for watching football for me for another reason: Mad Men.  Seriously, it’s the best show on TV and it’s making a case to be an all-time top-fiver.  In that vein, I’ll use a character from the show to represent each of the AFC West Teams:
      • Kansas City Chiefs: Don Draper.  You know they are successful, but you aren’t 100% sure why.  It could come crashing down at any moment because it just might be built on a house of cards.
      • Oakland Raiders: Bert Cooper.  You know they were good at one point, and they kind of want to be good again, but everyone knows it isn’t happening.  Instead of really caring, he does weird things like buy modern art and make people take their shoes off.
      • San Diego Chargers: Roger Sterling.   They can really annoy you, but in general they always look pretty good and they just kind of float along doing what they do well.  At home, nobody really pays attention to them.
      • Denver Broncos: Pete Campbell.  Everybody hates him.  He is a slimy prick.  He does do an excellent job now and then and has to be given grudging praise.  While everyone around him hates him, he’s adored at home.
    • This is completely unrelated to football.  At the previously mentioned wedding, the reception was held at the St. Louis Zoo.  Take a bunch of college friends, add copious amounts of free whiskey, combine with a completely security-free zoo and I think you can imagine the results.  I left with four questions I don’t know the answer to:
      1. Why would someone leave the keys in the 12 seater golf cart?
      2. Why would they leave the penguins out?
      3. Shouldn’t it be harder to get into the gazelle exhibit?
      4. Shouldn’t it be harder to get into the penguin exhibit?
    • I just watched Todd Haley‘s press conference.  I like my beat up old hat as much as the next guy, but if the press was going to interview me I’d probably leave it at home.  Look, a 3-0 coach can do whatever the hell he wants, but I’d prefer him to look less like a homeless person.    When combined with his profanity laced tirades it makes him look like an escapee from the mental hospital.
    • Steve Kraske of KCUR’s program Up To Date interviewed Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli.  You can download it here.  Pioli gets into the 18 game schedule, his time with the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Arts scene, jazz and an angry fan confronting him at a performance of the Nutcracker (a Shaun Smith fan maybe?)
    • I am a stat nerd at heart, so give me a bunch of numbers and some graphs and you’ve got my interest.  SeatGeek.com put up an article discussing the Chiefs ticket prices so far this season and tries to determine the trends and reasons behind them.
    • Speaking of nerds and graphs, advancednflstats.com has posted their week 4 efficiency rankings and the Chiefs rank 4th overall, however their 15th ranked offense is going to drag them down eventually.
    • The NFL is slowly releasing their top 100 NFL players of all-time. They are up to #51 and so far two chiefs have been listed: Buddy Bell at #69 and Willie Lanier at #53.  Both of them are linebackers, add Derrick Thomas to the list and the Chiefs have had their fair share of some of the greatest players to ever play the position.
    • Big Matt over at Arrowhead Addict discusses something extremely important: regression to the mean.  Its a much harder concept to really grasp in terms of football, mostly because 16 games isn’t enough of a sample size to get complete regression.  However, that can absolutely work in the Chiefs favor this year, they only need to win 6 of their next 13 games to be in the playoffs.  If you can flat out beat 3 teams and get lucky against 3, that is all they need.
    • Apparently Chiefs Command editor and associate dictator Brian McGannon is trying to get people to go to the Brooksider to watch the game with him.  I’m not sure I can mess up the mojo I’ve got going so far in the first three weeks, but I just might make it out there.  You should stop by too.  Quick aside regarding the Brooksider.  Most people don’t realize that it wasn’t always a popular young person hangout, that the likes of Brian McGannon would visit.  Once upon a time it was a complete dark, dank hole in the wall bar which catered primarily to the kind of crowd you’d see in the old comic strip Geech.  There were rarely more than 6 people in the bar at any given time.  That, combined with a friend’s sister working as a bartender, made it an awesome place to get beers when we were not quite 21 years old.  The bottom line is that the place is much, much different than it used to be, and you should go meet your favorite Chiefs Command writers (if I’m there) and watch the football game.
    • This weeks historical Chiefs stat: Emmitt Thomas (1967-1978) holds the team record for most career interceptions with 58.
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