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The NFL Friday Five

It’s quittin’ time again on your friday afternoon, so lets roll into the weekend with the NFL Friday Five.

1. The term football factory refers to college football teams that seem to produce a very large number of NFL players. In recent years, the Sooners have sent many top tier players into the league, same with LSU. Not all are production players, but the University of Miami has created a staggering statistic that may never be repeated. In the last 149 weeks of football, a player from the University of Miami has scored a touchdown. The Hurricanes have found a way to hone production players like no other school has or possibly will.

2. Norv Turner, who somehow finds himself still employed in the NFL, has coached for ten consecutive years, and ended up with a record of 107 – 114 – 1. In a league where winning is everything, how is it that Turner still has a job? The Chargers are consistently a team with high talent and low wins. Each season seems to be getting worse for them. The Chargers need to take out the trash before their team’s talent gets too old.

3. While we’re on the subject of streaks, the Dolphins ended a big one this past weekend, winning their first home game in 11 attempts. That is one step closer to ending the blackouts Miami has been facing. They’re now on a 2 game win streak, their first back to back wins since September of last year.

4. Tim Tebow (What, you thought you could escape more news about him?) is now 4-1 as a starter in Denver this season. Denver fan’s aren’t sure if he really is a quarterback, but when you win three in a row for the first time since 2009, they aren’t willing to question it.

5. 2011 has been a terrible year for starting quarterbacks. It began with the possible ending of the Manning era, and continued with the serial season ending injuries that have claimed five starting quarterbacks. Manning, Henne, Schaub, Campbell, and possibly even Matt Cassel have all suffered debilitating injuries. Several others, such as Michael Vick have been tenderized and less effective for the remainder of the year.

Did you notice something about the NFL this week that you would like to share? Hit up the comments section!
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