NFL Friday Four

In order to help all of you ease into your weekend, here are a few tidbits from around the league:

  1. If he makes it through the impending rapture today (according to Harold Camping, not the author), Tim Tebow will have saved the Miami Dolphins from their first lockout since 2001. In the past week more than 10,000 tickets have been sold to the Broncos vs. Dolphins matchup. This is quite an unusual sales surge for a bout that boasts a combined record of 1 – 9.
  2. Carson Palmer went from couch surfing to franchise quarterback in a week. The high profile trade promised a first round pick, and a second early rounder, so it is no small wager for the ailing Raiders. Will he start against the AFC West rival Chiefs on just one week’s notice? The Raiders coaching staff isn’t giving us anything to go on. What say you, Chiefs Command-ers? Who will start this Sunday? Will this heavy handed trade work out well for the Raider nation?
  3. Former Chiefs All Pro tight end and Atlanta standout Tony Gonzalez is set to move into second place all time in NFL pass receptions, behind only Jerry Rice. If he can bring in 4 passes this weekend, he will move in front of Marvin Harrison and Chris Carter. If and when he meets this goal, it would be his 1,103rd reception.
  4. In a bit of sad and startling news, the Lion’s Jerome Harrison was diagnosed as having a brain tumor. This was revealed during a physical exam after the Lion’s management traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles. If the trade hadn’t gone through, there is no way of knowing how long it would have taken him to get proper medical attention. Let’s all hope they caught this soon enough to make a difference.
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  • I think you will see Kyle Boller make the start and if he is doing that terrible Palmer could come off the bench. @ Miami its kinda funny how they celebrating Tebow’s national championships, should be like a home game for Tebow. As far as TG I will always be a fan of him and hope he can break more records, was an honor to watch him play on the Chiefs for so many years.

  • You are probably right. I just wonder if the boo birds will be out to lynch Boller after his first mistake.

  • TG, is there a classier player? Uh no!

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