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Welcome Back NFL

Welcome back NFL.  It was a crazy week for football with many exciting games coming down to the wire.  The Kansas City Chiefs on the other hand did not participate in one of those games.  The Chiefs were over powered by the Atlanta Falcons 40-24.  Before too much panic ensues I am here to let you know that not all the news is bad.  First off, the Atlanta Falcons are a very good team.  Matt Ryan is entering his 5th season and is a former number one overall pick.  Through his first four years in the league he is 43-21!  In a couple of weeks, many will be talking about the Falcons as a serious super bowl contender and that they are just as good as the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

Now as I said above there is still some bad news.  We just witnessed what a true Super Bowl contender looks like.  In this day and age a high powered offense is needed to win.  Defense does not win championships.  Also, unfortunately for the Chiefs, running backs don’t carry an offense either.  The Chiefs are a solid team that could definitely go 11-5 and win the division.  The only problem is I won’t be shocked if we go 6-10.  More than likely though, the Chiefs will float around the .500 mark and will miss the playoffs.  As long as the Chiefs put their faith in Matt Cassel that is all we will ever accomplish.  We can compete with the Raiders and Chargers and any other team that doesn’t have a great quarterback.  But do we really think in a 4th quarter shoot out that Cassel will out duel Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, or even Robert Griffin???  The answer is no.  Mediocrity will be our curse.  Sure we can look east and say at least we aren’t the Rams, but they are closer to a franchise saving quarterback than we are.  If Bradford pans out then they already have one.  If he doesn’t then they will have another top three pick to try and get one.  Here’s to another decent, alright, not too bad, not too good, just ok, mediocre season.

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