Monday Recap: Chiefs Win… AGAIN!

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 for the first time since 2010 and have already matched their win total from all of last season.  The Chiefs beat the Dallas Cowboys 17-16 in a hard fought physical game.

Last week I said I would hold off on judgment of the Chiefs because I though the Jacksonville Jaguars were the worst team in the league.  As it turns out I am right on with that pick as the Jaguars looked terrible against the woeful Oakland Raiders.  This week though the Chiefs had to take on the mighty Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys are always both over and under valued each and every year.  No matter how bad they are the Cowboys are picked to win the Super Bowl by a few “experts”, and no matter how talented they are they are picked to win 5 games by those same “experts”.  I honestly think the Cowboys will win the NFC East and make the playoffs with at least 10 wins.  Their offense is supremely talented at all skill positions and the offensive line has exceeded expectations and performed well through two weeks.  The defense is fast and active and appears to be much improved from last year under Monte Kiffin.

The Cowboys are the type of team the Chiefs would have lost to by two touchdowns last year.  The biggest difference is on defense and at the quarterback position.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you Alex Smith had a great game.  He looked flustered and he repeatedly rushed his reads.  What he didn’t do though was make a mistake.  Smith never turned the ball over and never put the Chiefs defense in a bad position.  This is a far cry from what the Chiefs have experienced the last few years. Everyone who has played or watched a football game in their lives knows turnovers are bad and when you lose the turnover battle you will probably lose the game.  Smith went 21-36 for 223 yards with 2 touchdown passes.  He also led the Chiefs in rushing with 8 carries for 57 yards.  The Cowboys strategy on defense was obvious from the start; don’t let Jamaal Charles beat us.  The Cowboys forced the Chiefs to put the game in the quarterback’s hands and Smith came through.  Smith was patient and made plays when they were there and never forced anything.

Now I can’t finish this article without mentioning the EPIC performance by the Chiefs defense.  Dontari Poe is a beast who appears to be unblockable at times.  Derrick Johnson was all over the field as usual and Eric Berry is a playmaker who was robbed of an interception after already forcing and recovering a fumble earlier in the game.  I said last week the Chiefs defense looked like a top 10 defense.  I’m sorry defense for underselling what you are, you guys are a top 3 defense in this league right now.  Seahawks, 49ers, and then the Chiefs.  That may be crazy but through two weeks it is true.  The stats speak for themselves; 9 points a game, 4.5 sacks a game, 2 turnovers a game, and only 54 rushing yards a game.

This coming Thursday the Chiefs travel to Philadelphia to take on Chip Kelly and his innovative offense.  The defense will get a real test to see how well they perform in space and how well they are conditioned.

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