Miscues culprit in first Chiefs loss

The D-Bowe show was a no show.

At least, it was when it mattered.

A play Kansas City Chiefs fans have seen too many times – a dropped pass in a big moment by former top-round pick Dwayne Bowe – was one of the primary culprits for Sunday’s first loss of the season.

But it wasn’t the only one.

No player on offense is immune this week – except for maybe Dexter McCluster or Tony Moeaki.

Jamaal Charles: Two first-half fumbles hindered what could have been scoring drives, including one that was lost.  Also dropped what would have been a big first down in the fourth quarter. Granted, one wasn’t “officially” a fumble, but he lost control of the ball. That counts in my mind.

Thomas Jones: Looked slow and lumbering at times, not picking up yards in crucial short-yardage situations.

Chris Chambers: Couple of key drops, including a big one on the final drive that could have been a game-changer.

Matt Cassel: Didn’t stretch the field often until late, had some critical bad throws – especially on fourth down on the first drive of the game, throwing into at least triple coverage. He also had a fumble.

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    No, the fingers can point in any number of different directions. Bowe’s going to bear the brunt because he clearly dropped a touchdown pass that hit him in the hands.

    That TD gives the Chiefs the lead for the first time all game. It puts pressure on Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts offense.

    Quite simply, it changes the game.  But it didn’t, because it didn’t happen.

    Then the very next play, Bowe drops another one. The next play, McCluster drops one – I forgive him though, since it would have lost yardage had he caught it.

    This is one the entire offense takes it on the chin.

    But it highlights a problem. The playmakers – particularly the receivers (Bowe especially) are not making plays.

    Through the first four games of the season, Bowe had nine catches for 152 yards. The yards per catch isn’t bad, but one of those catches is the 45-yard touchdown. Take that away, 8 catches, 107 yards.

    For a No. 1 receiver, those numbers are pathetic.

    Some may look at Bowe’s numbers his first two years and then his precipitous drop the last two years and say, “Well, Cassel can’t get him the ball.” Cassel could get Moss the ball. He could get Welker the ball. His 2008 season can’t be ignored, no matter how much the initial reaction is to say, “Cassel sucks.”

    Fact remains, as a No. 1 receiver, Bowe has struggled the last year. Technically, it’s his first two years as a top receiver, as Tony Gonzalez was the top threat for the Chiefs Bowe’s first couple of seasons.

    Add in the four-game suspension last year, the  ”importing” fiasco during the offseason, plus an alarming ability to drop the ball in key situations – Bowe has grown beyond the term “concern.”

    This game was not entirely Bowe’s fault – as I said earlier. However, when Bowe elevates his game, it elevates his quarterback. It elevates his fellow receivers. It elevates the offense.

    But you’ve gotta make a play. You’ve gotta help your quarterback.

    You’ve gotta play like a No. 1 pick and a No. 1 receiver.

    And until he does, this offense is not going to do a lot, despite what Charles, McCluster and Jones do.

    Sad thing was, I liked the offensive game plan. Look at that first drive again. Chiefs marched down the field until the Charles fumble.

    The plan – dink and dunk. They watched David Garrard and the Jacksonville Jaguars do that exact thing. That’s one reason why I don’t fault Cassel for going deep often – you could see the gameplan develop pretty easily if you were looking for it.

    Short passes. Running game. Control the ball. Run the clock. Keep Peyton off the field. Limit his chances to beat you.

    It was a smart plan. And it nearly worked. All you need is a couple plays here and there and it would have worked. But those plays never developed.

    And there are several people on offense – not just Bowe, not just Cassel – who know they didn’t fully do their part Sunday.

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    • What’s so frustrating is that the talent is there. Bowe just hasn’t put it together yet.

    • I haven’t seen any of it this year. Reggie Wayne had more receiving yards last week against Jacksonville than Bowe has had ALL YEAR.

      When I think of guys with “talent” that are head cases, I think of T.O. I think of Moss. I think of Ochocinco. Bowe isn’t that guy. He’s not even close.

      Here’s the difference between Manning’s receivers and Bowe – with the exception of Wayne and Clark, the rest of the guys are hungry. They’re unproven. They weren’t drafted and they want to make a mark. They want to continue to make a paycheck.

      Same with the guys in New Orleans.

      With Bowe, dude doesn’t show the hunger, the fire that he showed early in his career. Instead of losing weight in camp the right way, he takes the easy way and uses an illegal diuretic.

      Bowe was technically a higher pick than Wayne was. Wayne hung out with Marvin Harrison and learned from him. Bowe hung out with Larry Johnson and learned from him.

      Therein lies the difference.

    • Quite honestly, I’m ready to straight up cut Bowe.

    • You don’t want to cut him. First off, you still have to pay him for this season. Once you’re active on Week 1 and on the 53-man roster, you’re locked in. Though NFL contracts are not guaranteed, they are year-to-year like this.

      Same situation as what happened with Johnson last year. Chiefs paid him AND Bengals paid him.

      After the season? Yes, cut bait. He has one year left. And unless he’s the Jose Guillen of the NFL, I doubt you’ll get much out of him next year. Take that money, try to find a competent wide receiver.

      I know Cassel is not popular. But here’s some pretty easy math. There aren’t as many better quarterbacks out there as there are better receivers. If you bring in quality people around Cassel and he still struggles, then yes, cut him too.

      But with Bowe trending in the wrong direction since Haley got to town – for whatever the reason – it drags a lot of the offense down.

    • I will say it again… I would be fine with cutting him… I don’t have to pay him anything… The Hunts have the money to spare… bye, bye!

    • @ChiefsCommand @jasontarwater A lot of rb’s look slow playing against our defense in the dome, grass’s another story.

    • Bowe isn’t a number one receiver. That’s the problem. Chambers needs to be the #1.

    • Chambers has lost a step. He looked decent in the offseason, but he’s not the guy he was in Miami. it’s not even close. And trust me, that’s difficult for me to say. Few guys rooted for Chambers like I did.

      Great guy. Love interviewing him. But he’s not that guy.

      There’s a reason why the Chargers let him go. Look at their receiver situation. If Chambers was capable of being a No. 1 receiver, would they have cut him midseason?

    • I don’t think Brian is saying that Chambers IS a #1… I think he’s saying he should be the #1 on this team.

      I tend to agree. Still wish Chiefs would have made a play for Randy Moss.

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