Mike Florio - Todd Haley not working hard enough

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk could be right about Haley!

I listened to 610 sports this morning and heard Danny Parkins talking about what Mike Florio of PFT (Pro Football Talk) had to say about the Chiefs’ #1 Rap Fan, Todd Haley! And I will have to say that I take Mike Florio’s side on this.

When your team (Chiefs) just went through the worst statistical preseason for their starters of any NFL team, and you have Week 1 on the horizon, you go spend 4-5 hours at a concert. Sorry but thats Pathetic.

Haley should be at the facility or his home studying game tape on the 2010 Chiefs/Bills game, where the Awful Bills almost beat the “playoff bound” Chiefs, and all 4 preseason games this season.

I know everyone is human and needs personal time, but that is later in the season, when your bye week comes or if you had a great  start to the season. Let’s say, the Chiefs start the season 5-0. Sure, take a few hours off and go to a concert, you DESERVE it, but when your team is on brink of going from first to worst in the AFC West, and, as head coach, you’re already not getting along with your Boss/GM, Scott Pioli.

You probably should be doing some homework. There was no football in the summer, no mini-camps, no contact with players, that’s when you got to a concert! Ask Jon Gruden or Bill Belichick or Mike Shanahan, Bill Parcels, etc., etc., etc. Ask them how much time they took off from football leading up to Week 1 of the season, a game that sets a tone, a Must Win for a young team. Those coaches don’t even know what the meaning of “Time Off” is.

Haley took blame for not having the team prepared and ready for the Bills. Haley is telling you he’s to blame. So, why does Chiefs Nation have their panties all up in a bunch about Florio’s comments?

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  • I simply don’t buy it… I will not believe that not a single coach in the NFL works every single night, every day of the off-season.

    Had Haley went to see a Rod Stewart concert instead of a Lil’ Wayne concert, Mike Florio would have said nothing about Haley attending a concert.

    Florio’s argument is ridiculous… He was trying to be funny, instead he came off moronic and even a bit racist. Florio said had Haley not attended the concert, the Chiefs would have lost 41-14 instead of 41-7… Sounds as if the concert had ZERO impact. The goal is to win… What’s the difference between losing by 34 and losing by 27? Answer – NOTHING!

    There are so many other things to criticize Haley for… Taking an evening off isn’t one of them.

  • Couple of things I don’t get here. Basically one. Why the HELL is Parkins bringing this story up? This happened in AUGUST. The Lil Wayne concert was nearly a month ago. It was not “leading up to Week 1.” It was leading up to – I believe – the third preseason game – you know, the preseason games where every fan griped that the team did not look prepared?

    Griping about this now and going after Florio is idiotic. Is there nothing else to talk about with this team than something that happened last month? Why don’t you start analyzing Mike Vrabel’s retirement while you’re at it.

    Fact: Going to a concert in the preseason IS stupid. Yeah, coaches get “free” time, but not very much. There are countless stories of guys like Belichick going to concerts, they’re ALWAYS in the offseason. And the stories of coaches working 20-hour days are also legendary. That’s part of why Spurrier couldn’t hack it. He couldn’t put in the hours needed.

    FACT 2: It’s over and it’s done. It’s time to focus on what is going on NOW with this team. While I will agree that the concert did not affect things as much as Haley’s ignorant decision to play his starters nearly the entire game against the Packers, it was a part of an absolutely disastrous preseason, in which Haley and every coach had less time to get things installed and game plans figured out.

    FACT 3: We’re halfway through September. Move on. There’s no longer anything to see here.

  • Oddly enough here is @PFT Mike Florio tweet of the story on NFL Network tonight, heres the Headline “”Bill Belichick is always coaching: A look at tonight’s NFL Films doc http://wp.me/p14QSB-Eet “”

    You like that Bill Belichick Is ALWAYS Coaching. i think thats a little stab at Danny Parkins

  • Nothing personal, but I really doubt that’s what that tweet is about. I doubt he’s too worried about what a host in KC thinks.

    I could be wrong, but when he counts his NBC money, I’m sure he feels all right about things.

  • Jason, Florio brought it up again on a show, I believe.

    Overall, this story is just dumb. Haley was spending time with players for a few hours one night during the pre-season. It’s just pretty silly to think that it’s a problem.

  • Tom, I’m not going to say it’s a “problem,” but I’m also going to say it’s probably not the smartest thing he’s done since he’s been here.

    If it were the offseason, I would have had no problem with it – unless it were during OTAs or minicamp. When you are still in the preseason, wrapping up training camp, and you expect your players’ focus to be on what they’re doing, it’s only fair for the coach’s focus to be there as well.

    And when your preseason was as disastrous as Haley’s was – and with as bad as the season has started and appears to be going – you open yourself up for a TON of criticism.

    I’m sure you all disagree with me – which is normal since I’m the only one on here who doesn’t listen to 610, except during Royals games – but I don’t think this criticism is unfair. Maybe in any other preseason – where you had a chance to get your new players acclimated to the system and you could get free agent signees in before a full week after camp started. But there was SO little time this year because of the lockout.

    I don’t care if it were Lil Wayne, Rod Stewart, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Farm Aid or Barbra Streisand – it was not “good” judgment for the situation he was in this year. And all criticism of it – even if it’s a month old – is fair.

    Is it the reason the Chiefs are 0-1? No. Do the Chiefs win if he doesn’t go? Probably not. But, as I said, it was a questionable decision in a preseason that even the staunchest Haley supporters have to describe as “disastrous.”

    That said, talking about it now does absolutely no good. It’s a “why” instead of the “how” that should be discussed right now. Like, “how do the Chiefs get this figured out without a key playmaker on each side of the football?”

    Or “How do we get Haley to make better decisions, like hiring an ‘actual’ offensive coordinator?” Because the one year he oversaw it was horrible and this year hasn’t started much better.

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