Meet me in St. Louis

I put St. Louis in my top five cities I hate the most. It’s probably somewhere right behind Moscow in 1963 and Hill Valley when Biff was the mayor in Back to the Future Part II.

I have a ton of friends from Mizzou who are from St. Louis…well, not actually from St. Louis, more like Chesterfield, St. Charles, Belleville and Eureka. They would have to be crazy to actually live in the city limits. I think people from St. Louis who crap on KC don’t realize that St. Louis isn’t that great of a town. Great Italian food, great sports tradition, crap town.

I digress. I may not respect the city of St. Louis, but I respect the Rams. They play extremely well at home and run the rock with almost as much authority as the Chiefs. This game will likely be won by the team who can run the ball the best. I give that edge to the Chiefs simply because they have more depth at the running back position with Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles, whereas the Rams only have Stephen Jackson in their backfield. The talk about Jackson isn’t backed up by stats, the Rams rank 18th in rushing offense. I don’t have to tell you where the Chiefs rank…

The quarterbacks are pretty evenly matched according to some. Matt Cassel will play. A lot of people would probably say Sam Bradford is just as good, if not better, than Cassel. I disagree. Bradford has thrown a good amount of interceptions this year and has a propensity to get rattled if he is hit. The Rams’ O-Line has given up 27 sacks this year. That’s a lot. Once again, edge to the Chiefs.

On to the defense, the Rams are one of the best pass rushing teams in the league, they’ve sacked opposing QBs 37 times this year. Pass protection is going to be critical for the Chiefs. Steve Spagnuolo loves to send anyone and everyone on blitzes. Safeties, corners, linebackers, anyone. The Chiefs’ offensive line will have their hands full. I give the edge on defense to the Rams. Spagnuolo is an outstanding defensive coach. The Rams’ young defense is ranked 13th in the NFL. They are good at stopping the run, but they haven’t seen a rushing attack like the Chiefs this year.

I would like to see the Chiefs open up the passing umbrella and chuck the ball around early. Getting Dwayne Bowe involved early will be huge, as Bowe has his best games when he gets early touches. Get the Rams’ off balance early. San Diego sniffed out our offensive gameplan before the Chiefs’ plane even landed in Whale’s Vagina, California. Throw the ball. That may as well be the last thing the Rams are suspecting, but hey, if I’m thinking of it, then Steve Spagnuolo probably thought about it last Thursday.

I really think the Chiefs win this game. We haven’t lost to an NFC West team this year. Hell, we haven’t had a close game with an NFC West team this year. The Edward Jones Dome will be rocking for sure. The Chiefs have reported over 10,000 fans have purchased tickets for this game.

One final off-topic plea, if you’re headed to St. Louis, don’t act like a Cardinals fan at Kauffman Stadium. Act like a Chiefs fan at Arrowhead. Be loud.

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