Le'Ron McClain breaks up argument between Matt Cassel and Todd Haley v. Vikings 2011 week 4

Matt Cassel v. Todd Haley: What the camera didn’t show

I don’t normally do this, make a post that is simply a link to another article, but since the Matt Cassell v. Todd Haley argument on the sideline during the Chiefs’ first victory against the Vikings in week 4 has been such a hot topic, check out this short FanShot from RrustyDawg  over at ArrowheadPride.com.

Cassel vs Haley – What the camera didn’t show

Todd Haley casually walks over in front of Matt Cassel and kneels down to be on the same eye level as Matt and calmly begins coaching his quarterback.  No shouting.  No anger.  Cassel calmly listening and replying to comments from his head coach.  Several times, I see Coach Haley using his hands to indicate how the play was developing and it was apparent he was trying to explain to Matt how to read the movements through a busted play to achieve better success.  This happened no less than 60 seconds after the televised shouting match.

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