Matt Cassel: Pro Bowler?

Crazy, right? Most Chiefs fans/Tom Fehr have demonized Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel all season. In reality, Cassel has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year. Yeah, you read that right. The guy we as fans so love to dump on and constantly lay false blame on for the Chiefs struggles is playing at a pretty high level this year.

“Yeah, right” you might say, but what if I were to show you some of the QBs who have thrown more interceptions than Matt Cassel (4 INTs) this year? BEHOLD:

-Eli Manning (16)

-Drew Brees (14)

-Carson Palmer (13)

-David Garrard (10)

-Philip Rivers (9)

-Aaron Rodgers (9)

-Peyton Manning (7)

-Matt Schaub (7)

-Matt Ryan (5)

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    And those are just some of the guys. I left off all of the terrible QBs like Brett Favre and Alex Smith. Here’s the kicker, out of all QBs who have started every game for their team, Matt Cassel is tied for the least interceptions…with Tom Brady.

    Oh, what’s that you say? What about his QB rating? Well let me show you some of the guys who have a worse QB rating than Matt Cassel (96.2 QB rating) right now…ALAKAZAAM:

    -Kyle Orton (94.5)

    -Peyton Manning (94.2)

    -Matt Ryan (92.9)

    -Drew Brees (93.3)

    -Mark Sanchez (82.5)

    So you might knock his completion percentage, which I’ll remind you is at a healthy 59.2%, hardly cause for concern. Here’s the kicker, Cassel is doing this all without a downfield threat or even a tiny semblance of an option outside of Dwayne Bowe. Yes, Tony Moeaki could be considered, but Moeaki isn’t a downfield threat and is really only useful for 5-15 yard gains. Despite the Chiefs run-heavy offensive attack, Cassel ranks 19th in passing yards in the NFL, not too shabby for a guy who throws the ball but maybe 25-30 times a game.

    My argument all year is that Cassel has hardly been the problem for the Chiefs this season. Now, I’m going to start campaigning for him to get Pro Bowl consideration. I’m not saying he deserves it, but he should definitely be considered.

    Here’s how you have to look at Matt Cassel: could we be worse off without Matt Cassel? Yes. Could we be much better without him? No.

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    • I think I see your point here, but remember, only 3 QBs go to the Pro Bowl from each conference and I know of 4 that I would certainly take over Cassel: Rivers, Brady, Manning, and Orton. Plus, I think Garrard is right there next to Cassel if he’s not already a better pick.

      I think Rivers and Brady are already locks, while the 3rd spot is up for grabs between Orton and Manning. Point is, while he’s had a good year and he’s a solid fit in the Chiefs system, I definitely don’t think he’s Pro Bowl deserving.

    • Stephen: Last year, I think roughly 37 quarterbacks go to the Pro Bowl. That may be a little high. But more than just 3 QBs go to the Pro Bowl.

      Someone will back out, somebody will be hurt. Hell, Schaub was a QB.

      BTW, are they still doing that, “Super Bowl players won’t play in the Pro Bowl” thing? Or is it back to being after the Super Bowl again?

    • Haha, ok, so technically there are 3 Pro Bowl QBs per conference, but injuries and those that back out do expand the field. Clearly didn’t consider that in the first place.

      Also, yes, they’ll play the Pro Bowl the week in between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. Therefore, players from the Super Bowl teams won’t be in the Pro Bowl again. Kinda makes me wonder how much longer they’ll even have a Pro Bowl game. Might as well announce the teams and not bother playing the game.

    • As long as they can get ratings, sell tickets and make money, there will be a Pro Bowl game. But I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by calling it the worst all-star game of the bunch.

    • Very good point. Definitely agree with you there.

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