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Matt Cassel Out Indefinitely! might Be a good thing!

Matt Cassel Will undergo surgery on his hand and will most Likely miss the remainder of the season.  After getting knocked down for the umpteenth time by Von Miller. Matt Cassel landed on his hand wrong and suffered  what coach Todd Haley Called a “significant Hand injury”

Coach Todd Haley was asked if Matt Cassel would miss the rest of the season and he answered, “its a possibility” , with Cassel out Tyler Palko will get his first start as an NFL Quarter Back.

However, with the way Cassel has been playing, I dont think it is a bad thing that hes gone, Just like the Chiefs Season so was Cassels Potential. Down the Drain!

Palko brings a Different ability or 2, to the Qb position that Cassel  doesnt have, 1 he can run outside the pocket, Cassel can run but Palko can run fast and is elusive. 2 . Palko has something to prove, he hasnt received that big payday like Cassel PREMATURALLY received

Not only did the Broncos end  Cassels season but, they also have ended all hopes the Chiefs had at making a playoff run in the Bad AFC west.

Personally I think it is Bad timing for Palko to get his shot at showing what hes made of, And Cassel got out right before the Gauntlet of the season starts. Palko might still throw more than 93 yards against any team. Better than what cassel did against the 20th ranked pass defense of the Broncos.

ALright Kansas City ,, No “Suck for Luck” its time for “Wacko for Palko”


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  • I believe Cassel has had a bad year, or maybe everyone is spoiled by his performance from last year. Lets face it, Weis helped Cassel a ton, and made an average QB look great. Cassel is not the gunslinger that is Brady, Rogers, RIvers or Brees, he is meant to control the clock and the ball, he has done neither this year, but how could he? He has been sacked 22 times this year…only 6 QB’s have been sacked more. 3 of those QB’s are Rogers, Rivers and Roethlisberger who average 319, 305, and 288 yards per game compared to Cassel at 190. There should be as much blame on Cassel as is the offensive line for not protecting him, and the coaching staff for not playing to their strengths. I know Charles went down in week 2, but we still have a plethora of RB’s (Jones, McClain, McCluster, and Battle), while none of them equal Charles, all of them combined can come close.

  • I’m not sure if losing Cassel is a “good” thing, but Palko’s mobility probably won’t hurt the Chiefs. Neither QB is very good… And I don’t think any Chief fan would argue that Matt Cassel is a top QB at this point.

  • your partially right there Salsy! but those 3 QBs you mention are Winning with those Sacks. Cassel needs to be a more mobile QB since the O-Line cant protect. and Cassel being one demensional and hes not that great at that one demension,, the best thing for a Team that cant protect a QB is to have a QB that can run,, insert Palko!

  • didnt see your post there Travis, dont you think these next few games are going to be more interesting to watch now that Palko is in there? cause you know what the outcomes were going to be with that 5 yrd throwing statue of a QB was going to be,, Chiefs fans now get a little taste of what broncos fans got,, a Fun reason to watch the Games,, we Dont Expect to win but we Expect to see a fun Game,, Maybe,, Im not to educated on Palko.. But i have seen enough of Matty

  • No, the games won’t be more interesting to watch. Palko doesn’t give the Chiefs a better chance to win than Cassel.

    I am only interested in winning, regardless of current record or situations, and Cassel gives the Chiefs a better opportunity to win than Palko.

  • well wont be able to gauge it now, with palko coming in and playing the 5 hardest games on the schedule! but what i do think is that Palko woulda beat the Broncos.

  • @Carlos….that was the point I was making. They have so many sacks, because of the type of offense they run. They are a throwing team, and the QB stands in the pocket more, therefore there is the opportunity to take more sacks. KC is a run first team, and Cassel still has that many sacks!

    I also agree with Travis. I am interested in the games, but ultimately I don’t want to cheer for a loss, as long as it is fun to watch. I would much rather them be competitive and see where the talent level sits for their “players of the future”.

    I think Stanzi gets his shot, I think while Palko may be better out of the pocket, I think he might suffer due to lack of preparation and keep in mind, he is facing the Patriots, Steelers, Bear, Jets then Packers…in that order!

  • True story! I think Stanzi and or Palko with preperation and time is better than Cassel. I also think these guys will give the chiefs a better shot at winning and will make it Fun to watch,, Not to say they will win, and when i say fun i dont mean funny. I think we might have seen the End Of Cassel !.ooooohhh those are big words…

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