Matt Cassel v. Detroit Lions 2011

Is Matt Cassel a Bust?

As a 7th round draft pick and the two hundred and thirtieth player taken in the 2005 NFL draft, a Quarterback who goes on to sign a 6 year $62.7 million dollar contract is not a bust, but quite the hidden gem.

That is what Kansas City Chiefs fans hoped for after Matt Cassel signed an extension when the Chiefs acquired him in a trade with the Patriots that was widely viewed as a steal.  Many analysts couldn’t believe the Patriots would give up a franchise Quarterback (for the Chiefs) and a solid veteran linebacker in Mike Vrabel for only a 2nd round pick.

On the flip side, a quarterback who signs a 6 year $62.7 million dollar contract is expected to produce, and produce at a very high level.  As of August 5th of this year the Kansas City Chiefs team salary was $99.5 million dollars.  Matt Cassel will make around $13 million.  I will come back to these numbers in a minute.

If you look at Matt Cassel’s last four games which include week 17 of last year against Oakland, last year’s playoff game against Baltimore, and the two games this season, Cassel’s statistics are gut wrenching.  In those four games totaled he has attempted 109 passes and completed only 57 of them.  This equals a 52% completion percentage.  Even worse, he has a total of 437 yards passing; which is only 5 yards more than what Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton threw for against the defending champion Green Bay Packers this week.  In those four games, Cassel has thrown 4 TD’s and 9 INT’s.

With these kinds of stats most quarterbacks would be cut.  This is not an option for Kansas City though since Cassel has three years left on his contract.  Those kinds of stats at the most important position in all of sports definitely do not warrant making 13% of the team’s salary this year.  The Kansas City Chiefs trade for Matt Cassel was supposed to be the answer, but instead it looks as though it was just another decision to prolong the pain.

It appears this season could be a very long one for the Chiefs and probably a season that ends with a top 5 pick.  The news I have for Kansas City Chiefs fans is that it is going to be a long four more years with Matt Cassel.  The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to join the likes of the Bengals and Lions that might go decades without a playoff win.

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  • Bryce, welcome to Chiefs Command!

    Matt Cassel has yet to step up and lead the Chiefs to a victory when nothing else is working on the team.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but until Cassel finds a way to do this, a skill necessary for ANY NFL QB, you are right… Paying this guy to be a starting QB is a bust in itself, no matter the size of the contract!

  • Hey Travis, thanks!

    Don’t know if Ricky Stanzi is the answer but I hope he gets a shot this year to see if he is a possible long term solution.

  • Well said Bryce, well said!

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