Three Losses in One

Yesterday the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the San Diego Chargers 41-38.  This loss could prove costly in more ways than one as the Chiefs stud pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston both went down with injuries.  Both will have MRI’s today to find out just how bad their injuries are.  The Chiefs pass rush has been struggling of late and without those two it will be non-existent.

Philip Rivers played another great game as he continues to tear up every defense in his path.  Rivers has thrown for more than 390 yards in four games this season!  After Hali and Houston left Rivers saw his chance to rip the Chiefs defense apart.  The lack of pass rush meant Rivers no longer had to rely on short crossing routes but could now throw the ball downfield.  The Chiefs secondary looked terrible as time and time again the Chargers receivers were open.

The only good thing to come from this game was the emergence of an offense.  The Chiefs offense has been terrible for the last few weeks but finally showed signs of life.  Alex Smith finally took some chances down field and this opened up the running game for Jamaal Charles.  Charles had his second 100 yard rushing game of the season and his first rushing touchdown since week 7.  Dwayne Bowe also finally looked like the 56 million dollar receiver he is supposed to be with 51 yards receiving and a touchdown.  If the Chiefs have any chance at winning this next week against the Denver Broncos the offense will need to put up another 30 to 40 points.

This next week’s game against the Denver Broncos will be decided later today.  Yes, you read that correctly I believe the outcome of the game will be decided on a Monday.  The only chance the Chiefs have is if Justin Houston and Tamba Hali are healthy and on the field.  Without them the Broncos who will be angry and fresh off a terrible loss will be poised to put up 40+ points.  I know Peyton Manning was not sacked or hit a single time the last time these two teams played but Hali and Houston’s presence was felt.  Manning never held the ball for more than 3.2 seconds against the Chiefs last week.  For comparison, Alex Smith averaged 3.3 seconds on pass plays.  Manning knew the Chiefs pass rush was fast so the game plan was quick passes, quick passes, and more quick passes.  In the end the Chiefs defense actually won, they held the Broncos to 27 points that game.  That is their lowest scoring total this season and 8 points lower than their scoring average of 35.75 points a game.  The problem last week was the Chiefs offense struggled.  As I have said all season it will take at least 30 to beat the Broncos plus a strong defensive effort.  With Hali, Houston, and the home crowd this is possible.  If they are both truly healthy the Chiefs could win 31-24.  If they aren’t?  Then we are looking at a third straight loss and a final score around 41-27.


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