Looking (way) Ahead: the Chiefs really can beat the Indianapolis Colts

Yes we can.

It’s been a magical, ugly, fast, pound the rock first three weeks of the Chiefs season. The Chiefs are a national story now and are quite possibly on the verge of something extraordinary. The Chiefs are 3-0 heading into the bye week and lead the NFL in rushing and are ranked sixth in rushing defense. If there is any better, more consistent formula to winning football games other than run the ball well and stop the run, you should give every head coach in the NFL a phone call, because you may be on to something.

But you’re not. That is how football games are won. Throw in a few playmakers and a good coaching staff, and voila, you’ve got it. Or more descriptively, the Chiefs have got it.

Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles just gashed the San Francisco 49ers for nearly 100 yards a piece. Oh what’s that you say? The 49ers aren’t that good? Well, they were ranked sixth in rushing defense last year and allowed less than 100 rushing yards per game to their opponents. The Chiefs doubled that total last Sunday.

So now you say, Oh lawdy! Here comes Dwight Freeney and that scaaaaaaaaary Indianapolis defense!


Indianapolis’ defense is FAR from scary. Sure Dwight Freeney gets a lot of sacks and Bob Sanders is possibly the best safety in the league when healthy. But outside of that, the Colts are horrendous against the run. Freeney isn’t much of a run stopper, he’s a get-to-the-QB-fast pass rusher, who sheds blocks and doesn’t clog up running lanes. He’ll be a threat to our passing game, but other than that, I’m not scared one bit by this Colts’ defense. Oh yeah, Bob Sanders is hurt again.

I expect us to run the ball down their throat. They expect us to run the ball down their throat. But I don’t expect Charlie Weis to expect to run the ball down their throat. This coaching staff gameplans just about as well as any staff in the league. I’m sure that Todd Haley, Charlie Weis and Maurice Carthon are already working on something that will blow the doors off last week’s gameplan.

Now here’s the scary part. Peyton Manning. He’s the best quarterback of our generation. We have a young defense, but I don’t think that will be a problem. Indy’s offense has been potent and scary and the Chiefs’ defense has been flaccid and embarrassing. But we may be seeing a shift in that. The Chiefs defense has been dominant so far this year. We shut down the run about as well as any team in the league.

Guess what? Indy can’t run the ball either. If you can’t run the ball, you can’t execute your offense to it’s fullest extent if you can’t run the ball. Of course, Peyton Manning is the exception to the rule, but I expect the Chiefs’ defense to cause a few problems for the Colts.

All in all, I think the Chiefs match up EXTREMELY well with the Colts. The contrast between the two teams is striking. The Colts execute their passing game with precision and unpredictability. The Chiefs passing offense is frustrating. The Colts can’t run the ball. The Chiefs can. The Colts can’t stop the run. The Chiefs can.

This is going to be a good game. I’ll pick it as my sleeper “game of the year” in the NFL as this one could go down to the wire. Which team comes out on top? I’m not sure, but don’t count the Chiefs out of this one.

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  • Beating the Frisco 49 turds after a tuff defeat on a Monday night game and beating Indy at home are 2 different things. But I'd take KC and 10 and like my chances.

  • Looking (way) Ahead: the Chiefs really can beat the Indianapolis Colts #NFL #KC #Chiefs Blog by @McGannonBrian

  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Looking (way) Ahead: the Chiefs really can beat the Indianapolis Colts #NFL #KC #Chiefs Blog by …

  • just now got a chance to read it, I agree the difference between the teams is remarkable. not sure we match up that great with them, seeing as our strength is their weakness and their strength is our weakness. should be entertaining, though. If our secondary can look half decent against Peyton, we should be in great shape. still not confident enough to predict a W though

  • I don't like the bye week coming so early but if there is any team out there that another team could spend two weeks studying, it's the Colts. It appears to be the most difficult game on the schedule at the moment, so getting that extra week to get everyone healthy probably doesn't hurt.

    It says a lot about how much the Chiefs appear to have improved when a game in Indy is within reach. A win for KC is more likely next weekend than it was in January of 2007. At least this time, the Chiefs might bring an offense in the first half.

  • I really don't see any way the Chiefs can win this game… That doesn't mean I won't be rooting for them.

    It's not that Indya can't run the ball… They simply don't try to run the ball, and no team in the NFL has enough quality d-backs to stop the passing game.

    Indy finds (Peyton creates) quality WRs out of thin air, and it's happening again with Blair White, pulled off the practice squad to score a TD in week 3.

    In week 5, the Colts will have Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark and Blair White all available in their passing game. I could make a very strong argument that their top five WRs (counting Clark in the slot) are better than every one of KC's WRs…

    While you dismiss Freeney in the running game, he becomes even more relevant in the passing game, not because the Chiefs O-line isn't good, but because Matt Cassel still refuses to get rid of the ball quickly.

    My hope… The Chiefs really control the clock and keep this game close. I could take a 10 point loss and feel great about it, however, this game has potential to be a 49-10 blowout, where the Chiefs loose ALL credibility amongst national media.

  • @Travis: I would have gave last year's team little chance but this team has shown enough competence that I can envision them winning in some scenario. I don't think I will pick the Chiefs to win this one but I am just playing the percentages.

    @Brian The Colts can run the ball but they don't have to. I think their defense might be at pre-Super Bowl win caliber for the Colts, especially without Bob Sanders. That Bethea sure fills in well for him. Freeney should be a test for Albert. I agree with you here. The Colts are good but not scary good. #18 will have a lot to do with how far the Colts go. Fans of the game will be watching this game so the Chiefs should get into a habit of playing sound football.

    Also, since signing Andy Alleman to a tender, the Colts have cut him loose while a certain Ryan Lilja starts for the Chiefs.

  • My point is that the Colts are starting their decline. I really think they’re just a 10-11 win team. Their defense just isn’t that good. It’s borderline bad. We’ll see next sunday, but don’t sleep on this game.

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