Matt Leinart signs with Houston Texans

Leinart may have helped Chiefs

With the 53-man roster set and the practice squad set, there is mainly one question in my mind for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is going to be the third quarterback?

Right now, Tyler Palko is sitting on the practice squad. He can’t suit up for games. He’s there I guess if someone gets injured – which is not out of the realm of possibility with these two quarterbacks. Matt Cassel was injured to start last season. Brodie Croyle‘s injury history is pretty well known.

Personally, I think the Chiefs missed a golden opportunity when former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart signed with the Houston Texans Monday. And that’s a move that makes little sense to me.

I take that back. It makes sense for the Texans – it gives them a backup to Matt Schaub, who had an outstanding season last year throwing the ball to Andre Johnson.

However, for Leinart, the move is befuddling.

The quarterback situation there is set. Schaub was in the Pro Bowl last year. Hell, he was named MVP for whatever that matters. But the guy is good. He is the quarterback. Leinart’s not getting a shot there.

At least in Kansas City, there is room to make it to starting quarterback, depending on how he performed. Unless Cassel really steps it up this year – which he could now that he’s not meeting his receivers for the first time in a third-quarter huddle – things aren’t set for this team at quarterback like they are with other teams.

Cassel’s contract may dictate that he be the starter this year. But after this season – if he struggles like he did at times last year – who knows?

I’ve heard fans already call for Croyle to be the starter. I’m not going to say it’s the Todd Blackledge/Bill Kenney situation of the 1980s, but it’s not too far off right now.

Maybe head coach Todd Haley and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis know best in this situation. All we can really do is give them the benefit of the doubt. By having only two quarterbacks – something the Cleveland Browns talked about – that frees up one more spot on the 53-man roster for another position. Plus, the times the third-string quarterback is actually forced into a game is extremely rare. This may be something new we see.

Besides, if both Cassel and Croyle get knocked out of the same game, we’ll probably just see a steady diet of Dexter McCluster in the Wildcat offense – or whatever the Chiefs decide to call it.

I just think there was a golden opportunity to potentially improve the quarterback situation. And it wasn’t taken advantage of. Although, now that I think about it – with Haley being Leinart’s offensive coordinator for a time in Arizona – maybe it says more about Leinart and what Haley thinks of him than it does the Chiefs situation.

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  • Exactly: why would Leinart sign somewhere that will not start him? He should have signed to a team where he at least had a shot, like the Chiefs, or perhaps Browns, but they have Colt McCoy waiting there.

  • Leinart signed with the Texans because that was the best/only deal in front of him. And, you nailed it regarding us not taking him. Haley obviously knows him very well. Needing some decent QB depth as we do, and we didn't snag him, it says alot about Leinarts character and/or talent.

  • I agree… the fact the Chiefs didn't sign him, and we really didn't hear anything more than the "informed speculation" Tweet from @getnickwright, may say more about Leinart than anything else.

  • Yeah, ol Nick is getting more and more desperate to stir things…first he was trying to drum up controversy over Page, and now this. I used to like his show, but after he announced he was more interested in ratings than talking about meat and potatoes type stuff (like when he kept hammering about J Charles not being listed as 1st team during the preseason), I've started searching around the dial…too bad, he showed some promise, but I digress.

    Back to Leinart; I think bringing him here may have put Cassel in a spin. I don't see any way it wouldn't crawl into his head and affect his confidence.

  • I don't know if he's ever stated that he cares more about ratings, but I do remember him mentioning his ratings in reference to Kietzman's for nearly a week straight. That being said, it does seem as if he is becoming "Nick White-lock," always taking the "other side," no matter how off the wall it may sound.

    Great point about Cassel. If you tell him that he is "the guy," then you go and bring in the guy who played in front of him at USC… That could really mess with him.

    So then, maybe not signing Leinart says more about Matt Cassel's mental toughness??

    Note to anyone who was reading my comments from earlier on Arrowhead Pride: This is purely speculation. I am NOT presenting Matt Cassel's mental toughness being fragile as a fact.

  • Had we signed Leinart, think of all the options… Cassel could move back to Tight End, as he did at USC. Man that would've been awesome…

    Ooooh… I got it… We could trade Cassel to the Royals and they could use him as a relief pitcher… Also, as he did in college…

  • Regarding Nick Wright, I heard that myself. When someone texted him about 'why we don't talk about , he replied, because if I talked about , no one would listen, and he needed the ratings. I don't remember what that subject was, but it seemed like a valid subject to discuss (something about O line play, etc.) At the time he was hammering Cassel…but anyway, yes he did say that.

    Regarding Cassel, well, I'm sure he's not immune to hearing all the grumbling going on about his play. To bring in a competitor who could (and has) taken his job would further erode his confidence. Since Leinart landed in Houston, I guess we won't know the answer to that (unless they pick up another QB somewhere).

    Either way, I think the handwriting is on the wall about Cassel. He's been decent, not stellar. There were many factors not under his control affecting that (obscene amount of dropped balls, poor O line play, etc.), so I'll give him until the end of this season to show if he's upto the challenge or not.

    I think he's more of a worker than Leinart, who comes across to me as a pretty-boy playboy. Personally I think with our run first mentality now, we don't need a franchise QB to run the O. A competant journeyman who won't LOSE games is sufficient. I believe Cassel is that.

  • interesting take on cassel, rwalke. hope you're right.

  • @rwalke10: Gotcha… I do recall him making similar comments about other topics as well.

  • Being the Diva that Leinart is, he wouldn't sign a contract with a team in a cold weather climate. Buffalo would have been his best option, but no kid from SoCal is going to choose to go to Buffalo.

  • @B you're probably right… But if I got paid a huge contract, then burned out, I would be picky too… It's not as if he needs the money.

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