Kyle Orton Gives The Chiefs A Chance To Win

I suppose I could write two posts but I will sum up one of the posts by saying this: if Tyler Palko, starts this game, Todd Haley should be fired after the game. The team paid the money for Kyle Orton and, if there is a directive for Orton to start and Haley does not start him, he should be fired as anyone would if they circumvented the orders of their boss on a major issue. If the game were at Arrowhead, I would announce that Haley is fired immediately after the loss over the field’s P.A. system. I dislike the job Haley has done but I do not dislike Todd himself. That would change if Tyler Palko starts.

It is possible that Haley is just trying to get the Chicago Bears to prepare for two quarterbacks. There is little advantage there because getting ready for Tyler Palko involves getting your defensive backs together and throw passes to them so that they are ready to catch the floaters Palko will through. Training done. Unlike Ron Jaworski, I am not excited about Palko. There is no advantage in starting Tyler Palko and the defense will not be enough to make up for the lack of points.

The Chiefs only play the Chicago Bears once every four years. As an Illinois native, I know way more Bears fans than I do Chiefs fans. This is a lot like taking your girlfriend home to see your family for the first time for me. I am hoping the Chiefs will impress because, if they don’t, not only do I lose money and get bummed by a Chiefs loss, I also have to hear about it from friends and family.

I still remember the 2005 season and Kyle Orton’s involvement in the season.  He was a rookie and found himself starting for the Bears from Game 1 on. That season was exhausting for me to watch because I didn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket and I watched Bears games most Sundays. Every week, the offense was boring yet the defense and special teams found ways to score points and the Bears went 10-6 and Kyle Orton played until Rex Grossman returned late in the season. I am pretty sure that the term “game manager” was created due to Kyle Orton. His only job at that time was to not make mistakes.

Orton has since grown as a quarterback and he has some ability to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. At this moment, he seems to be very similar to Matt Cassel in skill level and experience. I think it would be great if a Kyle Orton-led Chiefs team beat Orton’s former team in Soldier Field. The only thing that would make the proposed scenario better is if the Bears had a shot at Orton but decided to pass him up. The Chiefs ranked higher in waiver priority than the Bears and so the Bears never had a chance.

All in all, if Tyler Palko starts, I hope he doesn’t stay in there long because, though it will be obvious that Todd Haley will be the prize idiot, it will still ruin my Sunday if the Chiefs didn’t maximize their chance to win. I have been real frustrated by all the nonsense that I have heard and read from the Kansas City sports radio stations, papers and blogs. Obviously, not everyone is behind Todd Haley but the fact that anyone would defend the idea that Tyler Palko should start is just asinine. I don’t know why a soul would be in his camp if he really thought that Tyler Palko was the better option. If he stays with Callaballo Falko, he is lower than al-Qaeda in my mind.

The QB Corner

You may be wondering how I can root for the Chiefs to win despite the fact that I have stated that the most important thing that comes from this season is the draft pick the Chiefs get to draft their next quarterback prospect. It is simple: after Andrew Luck, no team is guaranteed to draft the next highest quarterback on the board and there is enough uncertainty that, as long as the Chiefs do not go 8-8, they will have a pick low enough to get a good enough quarterback. No Luck, no need to worry what quarterback the Chiefs will get though I have a list about who I would like the Chiefs to get. There is a lot of time between now and the draft and the combine has a way of altering the draft status of any prospect unless you are Tim Tebow and avoid the combine altogether.

I ask you this, Chiefs fan: would you want Peyton Manning to play for the Chiefs? It seems possible that Andrew Luck will go to the Indianapolis Colts and it is possible that they will trade Manning because that would be a lot of money to pay for two quarterbacks when they can only play one. The Chiefs would probably have to trade away their pick to get Manning, so they probably won’t be able to get Peyton and get a top quarterback prospect. It is something to think about because that would be continuing the Chiefs lack of a home grown quarterback but they would fucking have Peyton Manning and a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl for the next three years if Manning is healthy. The Chiefs have the cap room, so they seem like a good fit.

Dwayne Bowe Is Not To Blame

Dwayne Bowe was filleted on Sunday night by Cris Collinsworth for not batting the ball down. In my opinion, not only was the pass way out of reach, but he shouldn’t have been thrown to in the first place. If he had four guys on him when the pass was intercepted, isn’t another wide receiver open? I am not going to give the majority to the player that wasn’t most at fault in that play. I will blame Palko, who should be yesterday’s news rather than one of the best wide recievers in the game who made a great fourth down catch two plays earlier.

What’s more, I think Bowe made a bad read and jumped in the air too early and was ahead of the ball. It was just a bad pass. He did call for a deep pass, but the way he was covered, he was successful at drawing the coverage and wasn’t in his position to make a play on the ball. He should have been but he was left out hanging to dry.  To close, you do have to wonder why Jerheme Urban is in the backfield. I have no clue.

Enough With The Ricki Stanzi Talk

One thing that is annoying me is the constant talk about how Ricki Stanzi should be given a start. I don’t think you really want to see what would happen if he played. He just isn’t ready, so just let it go. Someday, he may be good but I don’t think he will ever be good and he will be worse than Palko if he starts now. The problem with him being an option is that people get the idea that he is preferable because he is an alternative option to the current starter. Just because he is another option doesn’t make him better. He’s a fifth round pick and he can’t run like Tim Tebow. On my depth chart, the mountain lion starts before Stanzi, end of story.

Bear Down On the Monsters Of The Midway

This seems like it will be a defensive battle. The Bears offense is severely disabled after Jay Cutler went down. If Cutler were playing, I wouldn’t be worried about who the Chiefs were starting because it wouldn’t matter. As of now, the Bears are Forte and a cloud of dust. Caleb Hanie is bad and he makes his team worse when he puts the ball in the air. Yep, sounds like Tyler Palko’s dossier, right? The Bears will be more dangerous if Hanie figures out that he can throw passes away when no one is open.

The Bears offensive line has improved within the season. They figured out who should play well and got Gabe Carimi back from the injured list and they are a wrecking crew. Matt Forte is a running machine but the Chiefs can stop him and Marion Barber if they do what they did against the Minnesota Vikings and other good running teams. Hopefully, Hanie is reckless and the Chiefs secondary has the kind of day they had in Oakland this year.

On defense, the Bears are ostensibly scary. Julius Peppers scares Matt Cassel and he won’t even be active for the game.  The Bears’ front four isn’t as scary as it was five years ago, but they have four guys who will get after the quarterback. The linebacking corps is one of the best in the game and they will be a match-up problem for the Chiefs “offense.” The secondary is probably where the Bears are weakest. They do not have a shutdown corner but Charles “Peanut” Tillman is their best defensive back and he creates turnovers often.

The Chiefs defense more than held their own against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They really went after Ben Roethlisberger and hampered him the entire game. The Steelers’ running game was dead on Sunday night. The fact that the Chiefs were in that game seems was illusory because the offense seemed like they had no ability to score. Dick Vermiel most assuredly shed tears somewhere because of that performance. It is too bad that having good defense is not nearly as important as having an elite NFL quarterback in today’s NFL because the Chiefs defense carried that team the entire game.

As much as I have been pessimistic about Matt Cassel’s future as a quarterback, the Chiefs win that game if he plays in that game. Sure, Troy Polamalu was unavailable most of the game and the Steelers whiffed royally on some chances to get an early lead. Still, that defense more than did their job. I hope the next coach retains because Romeo Crennel is a great defensive coordinator.

I don’t think the Chiefs will make the mistake of kicking to Devin Hester. They will lose field position as a result but Hester is just too dangerous. We fans are still waiting for either Javier Arenas or Dexter McCluster take one to the house. The kicking game will be a factor in this one and Ryan Succop might have problems with the wind in Soldier Field. The Weather Channel has winds gusting up to 25 in Chicago tomorrow.

This game may not be easy to watch, especially if Tyler Palko plays significant time today. I think the Bears will be too much for the Chiefs no matter who is under center. Kyle Orton will make it a close game and Tyler Palko make it difficult to score points.  The bears still find ways to score points, even if Caleb Hanie is their quarterback. It would be great to win because the Bears have playoff aspirations and are a better team than the Chiefs. I have this feeling this will be another letdown when this game has ended. I am going out in public in my Derrick Thomas jersey and I have $20 on the Chiefs taking the points. I do not want to be miserable like I was in the Denver game. I think the Chiefs cover if Orton plays.

Predictions: (if Orton plays more) Chicago Bears 17, Kansas City Chiefs 16; (Palko plays more) Chicago Bears 27,  Kansas City Chiefs 3

If the Chiefs do win, I would go to 670 The Score and listen to two old Bears who yell and scream if the Bears win or lose. They are more fun to listen to when the Bears lose. If the Chiefs lose, you can listen to 610 AM and listen to Danny Parkins and Bill Maas.

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  • I hope Orton plays so we can all see its not the QB’s fault. Orton sucks under pressure as most QB’s and that’s how it is when your the chiefs QB

  • I’m with you on Haley with Palko, except one point… If Palko starts and the Chiefs lose.

    I really don’t care who is the starter, as long as the Chiefs win.

  • @Brian: I don’t think that Orton will come in here and light the world on fire but he will be much better than Palko. I do remember how Matt Cassel couldn’t score points before he got hurt. The Chiefs are better with Orton is all I am saying. Tyler Palko’s effect on a game is a negative one and that is how a 13-9 game seemed out of reach. He just gives the ball away.

    @Travis: I guess I do have to account for the slim possibility that Palko plays and the Chiefs win but I can’t visualize it. It could happen and if it does, that would make Haley right for the moment. It’s just a bad gamble on Haley’s part.

  • Oh yeah, if the Bears lose Matt Forte, they are screwed.

    It was a sweet win.

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