Kyle Orton Dislocates Finger in only Play for Chiefs

Were you excited when Kyle Orton entered the game on Sunday in Chicago against the Bears? I was.

The Kansas City Chiefs offense had been stalled once again, gaining 70 yards on 4 first quarter possessions.

Enter Kyle Orton on the 1st play of the second quarter (midway through the 4th drive of the game)… The play: flea flicker. The result: dislocated finger for Kyle Orton on an incomplete pass.

Re-enter Tyler Palko, then punt after another incomplete pass.

Regarding Orton’s injury, Todd Haley said he doesn’t “really have much to give you.” Haley told reporters that he had planned on removing Orton after that one play, even if he hadn’t been hurt.

Haley did say it is too premature to rule Orton out for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets.


I was extremely excited to see Orton enter the game. Finally, the Chiefs were going to be more aggressive on offense, I thought. Well, it turned out I was right… For one play, at least…

My initial thought was, “what the hell?! Is Haley trying to get Orton injured?!” If so, the plan worked perfectly. Now, Haley can continue winning losing with “his guy,” Tyler Palko.

Todd Haley has been telling the public that Kyle Orton is not ready to play, that he doesn’t know the playbook. I’m calling shenanigans! Like Matt Cassel, I believe Todd Haley did not really want Kyle Orton, but the decision was forced upon him. At this point, I believe Haley sees his future coming to an end in Kansas City and he is giving one last big F-U to Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs. If Haley is to be fired, he is going to do it on his terms… Riding the QB he wants in the game.

The suggestion that Orton is “not ready” to play is ludicrous. The guy has been playing QB his entire life and I don’t buy into the notion the Chiefs’ system is too difficult to learn quickly.

In contrast, the Houston Texans signed veteran QB Jake Delhomme after losing Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart in back-to-back weeks. Head coach Gary Kubiak stated that if 3rd-stringer TJ Yates was to struggle, Jake Delhomme would take over… A guy signed on Tuesday.

I have been a HUGE Todd Haley supporter, but a loss with Palko as starter against the Bears would have had me calling for his job. The win has bought him a second chance in my mind.

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  • Just kinda seems like the chiefs luck this year. Injuries seem to be all over the NFL this year, do you think it was the Lockout??

  • That was disappointing. What a horrible call for a first play. It is really hard to say that Haley tried to get Orton hurt but, if he were trying to, he would call a play like that. He has also put Palko in for a couple of snaps before putting Matt Cassel back in last year, so he may not be lying about not committing to Orton when he put him in at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

    I just really think that it is dense to make the decision to go with Palko and, whatever happened, Haley admitted that he was wrong when he put Orton in. I don’t think there is much to defending Haley but as far as Pioli goes, it is about time for him to make a move because if he allows Haley to continue to use the team to spite Pioli, it may be true that Pioli likes all this petty exchange more than actually running an NFL franchise.

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