Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Sure, the loss to the San Diego Chargers hurts for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans but the title of the post refers to something else. If you read when I was wondering why the Chiefs-Chargers game would not be flexed to the Sunday night slot, you may have noticed that I had it all wrong.

First, the date was wrong as today, Tuesday, is the 14th. However, there is something more important to address. Not only was the game not worth exposing a national audience to, the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game that I was poo-pooing was the most-watched Sunday night football game ever! What in the dick?

I like to admit that I am wrong because I have odd thoughts about the football world and sometimes they are just dead wrong and it’s hilarious. This is certainly one of those times. Cowboys Nation won’t be brought down by this season’s slump and the Eagles fans have a dog in the playoff fight so to speak.

I underestimated both fan bases and the NFL’s ability to find the game that will make them the most money, especially the fan base of a now 4-9 team that is scrounging to save face and regain some respect.

So there you have it!

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