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Kendrick Lewis fined $5000 for making helmet-to-helmet contact with Browns TE Evan Moore

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#NFL fines #Chiefs S Kendrick Lewis $5,000 for making helmet-to-helmet contact w/ #Browns TE Evan Moore, a defenseless receiver at the time.

Evan Moore received a concussion during the hit.

Kendrick Lewis, who started week 2 at Cleveland due to a John McGraw hamstring injury, will most likely return to a back-up role in week 3. McGraw is listed as probable for Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

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  • I wonder if the concussion had anything to do with the fine… Everyone watching the game with me thought that hit was to the shoulder, then it slid up at hit the helmet secondary.

  • That hit was a normal hit, I was very upset at the flag and the fine. He had no opportunity to do anything other than what he did. The nfl is overcompensating right now.

  • Glad my friends, me and our 4 cases of Miller Lite saw it correctly… It is less an less easier to drink all day and watch football on Sunday the older you get…

  • I'm ok with trying to protect players, but it seems the NFL has gone overboard. ESPECIALLY with quarterbacks. Some of the roughing the passer penalties i've seen in the past couple of years are just absurd. As my dad likes to say, it's the No Fun League

  • I just went back and watched the Kendrick Lewis hit again, Lewis's helmet definitely hit Moore's, but Lewis definitely hit Moore's chest/shoulder before their helmets hit… Also, Moore touched the ball…

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