Kansas City Chiefs Win On Monday Night Football

Wow, the Kansas City Chiefs have some weapons!

Arrowhead Stadium was loud, lively and wet for the Chiefs and the fans left happy. The defense came through big time and the special teams trampled on the San Diego Chargers‘ corpses.  It felt really nice to see the Chiefs have a lead and keep it through the end of the game. Though the Chiefs are atop the AFC West, it will be a long grind for them to sustain that lead…..but it seems possible.

I wavered about what was ruling the offense: the weather or the genius wizard upstairs. There were times where running like the Chiefs did was appropriate but there were times where an NFL offensive game plan would have came in handy. I believe Charlie Weis and Todd Haley when they say they use the same play book and they call the same plays as well. Romeo Crennel’s defense bailed Weis out.

Philip River’s passes weren’t crisp and his receivers weren’t in top form but it was unwise to bank on the defense holding the lead and Weis got away with it. Matt Cassel deserves better chances than that. I didn’t think he was that good last night but third down isn’t the only passing down, CW. There will be better weather but, if the Chiefs have any aspirations of doing anything in the playoffs, they will have to be able to do more in such weather.

The blocking on offense was impressive, however. Dwayne Bowe caught one pass but he blocked many would-be tacklers last night. I think they will have more options with a dry ball but the Chiefs have more to work with now. The defensive line was disruptive and it kept the running game down and put pressure on Rivers. Glenn Dorsey was the most disruptive lineman last night. However, the tacking on defense was bad, especially the safeties. Some of those guys are going to have to discover they have arms because they missed on many instances.

The whole plan worked. The Chiefs won that game. They didn’t play better but they planned better, they wanted it more and they made the big plays they needed to win. They kept Antonio Gates at bay and they didn’t let Philip Rivers pass all over them.

The Chiefs have advantages now and that’s what it takes to move forward. They have weapons, they had a plan and they had the crowd. They haven’t had any of that for at least three years. It seems that, after one game, they are something to watch.

Stars of the Game: Dexter McCluster, Jamaal Charles, Javier Arenas

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  • definately agree. I think Weis knew he had a 2 score lead and knew that turning the ball over would have been treacherous. I am very pleased with the defense. Berry played like garbage, but he's a rookie and he is going to make those mistakes. I will say that the defense gave up 2 touchdowns this game, and they were both on Berry.

  • I think Berry's role will be more comfortable in the weeks where he isn't helping on Antonio Gates coverage. He will need more work on positioning but the fact it was all on him says good things about the rest of the secondary.

  • That game and atmosphere was AMAZING. Have never seen or heard Arrowhead like that. It was a special experience that I will never forget.

  • The play calling wasn't great on offense at all. Every time Cassel dropped back to pass I cringed.

    I really don't understand why an NFL team wants to be "creative" in week 1 in the rain.

    Simple game plan: Run the ball three times, first down, run 3 more times.

    On defense, DJ looked great! I was impressed. Pass defense wasn't good. Chargers either had incomplete passes or found WIDE open receivers.

    The pass rush and rush D was greatly imporved over 2009, but there were MANY times that Phillip Rivers had a ton of time to throw.

  • @Brian Hopefully those experiences keep coming. Chiefs fans deserve it after the way the team has played the last three years.

    @Travis I didn't like the game plan but I hate to call it bad because it essentially worked, DJ had the best game on D. It's good to see him finally find favor with the coaches because he is so talented.

    There is still room for improvement but Dorsey was disruptive and Rivers was getting chased. Flowers, Carr and Arenas did well and once Berry gets his positioning down, he will make some plays. The assignment for Berry should be easier than Gates this week.

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