Javier Arenas v. Raiders Week 7

Kansas City Chiefs Numbers Game

The Kansas City Chiefs shut out the Oakland Raiders 28-0 on Sunday and I could not be on more of a high than I am right now. Just witnessing the collapse of the Raiders after losing Jason Campbell for the season, then giving up a first round pick in 2012 (and a second rounder in 2013) for Carson Palmer, to watching Kyle Boller and Palmer throw more touchdowns to Chiefs defenders than to their own teammates makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here are some numbers from Sunday that I find very interesting.


Number of passing touchdowns by either team. That is, unless you count the two passing touchdowns by the Raiders to Chiefs defenders Kendrick Lewis and Brandon Flowers.


Only one penalty for holding on Tamba Hali’s side of the football all game when I saw at least three or four (or more) that could have been and should have been called.


The number of rushing touchdowns the Chiefs have this season, finally scoring two today on runs from Le’Ron McClain via a fumble recovery by Jon Asamoah, and one on a Tricky Todd play using Javier Arenas in the Wildcat formation coming out of the backfield on a fake handoff to Dexter McCluster. Also, the number of interceptions returned for touchdowns by the Kansas City Chiefs defense. Also, the number of times Dustin Colquitt pinned the Raiders inside their own 5-yard line on punts.


The number of interceptions thrown by both Boller and Palmer, each throwing one that was returned for a touchdown.


The number of times the Chiefs defense stopped Oakland’s offense inside the 5 yard line to prevent the Raiders from scoring a touchdown.


Number of Kansas City Chiefs players with an interception in Sunday’s game. Brandon Flowers had two, while Kendrick Lewis, Jon McGraw, Brandon Carr, and Travis Daniels all had one. Also the number of years since Kansas City’s last shutout win.


The number of total interceptions in the game. Cassel threw two, one at the end of the 2nd quarter on a deep hail mary pass to the endzone, and one in the third quarter on a pass to McCluster.  The Raiders quarterbacks threw six. (Can I emphasize these interceptions enough?)


The number of possessions the Chiefs had in the game. Two ended in touchdowns, two ended at the end of the halves, one in an interception, and the rest ended by punts.


Number of years it has been since the Raiders threw six interceptions in one game.


Completions by Matt Cassel, who threw for 161 yards, averaging 10.7 yards per completion.


Number of years since Kansas City’s last 6 interception game.


Number of games since the Raiders lost to an AFC West opponent. (The Chiefs were the last team in the division to beat them.)


Number of years since the Chiefs last road shutout. (November 4, 1973 against the Chargers.)


Ounces of beer that Dwayne Bowe had thrown at him when he celebrated the touchdown catch that was reversed in front of the Black Hole. The Chiefs would later score on the McClain touchdown.


Hours until the Chiefs face off with the San Diego Chargers on Halloween Night Football in Arrowhead. The Chiefs can tie for first place in the division with a win.


Get ready folks, the next week leading up to Monday night against a San Diego Chargers team that the Kansas City Chiefs almost beat in week 3 is going to be hectic. The Chiefs have risen from the gutter of the AFC West to be in a three-way race for the division title. If Kansas City wins Monday night, that will put the Chiefs at 4-3, ready to take on the still winless Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos before a trip to New England on the Chiefs’ second Monday night game of the season. Two wins over these struggling teams could put the Chiefs at 6-3 and would give them a ton of momentum going into Boston.

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  • This must have been an excellent week for you guys, I laughed pretty hard when I saw the score, I thought the Raiders were going to at least keep it close.

  • I haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet… But the Raiders got what they deserved in acquiring Palmer… Regardless if he was ready or not, or the Raiders game plan was horrible or not.

  • Nicely done! Great week to be a Chiefs fan. I have the feeling Al Davis is buying Lamar Hunt dinner wherever the after life has taken them, after all it was the first meeting since they have both been gone. R.I.P.

  • One more to add:

    300: the number of birds flying in the Black Hole after Brandon Flowers returned his interception for a touchdown and posed in front of said section.

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