Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers: Random Ramblings

Its been five days since the Kansas City Chiefs pummeled the Oakland Raiders and yet the satisfaction still looms boldly in the autumn air. A shutout victory on the road without projected future star Tony Moeaki and Pro Bowlers Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, was way more than any Chiefs fan was expecting. Its a new week and for once the NFL scheduling Gods managed to pick a Monday night match up that may very well be a determining factor in the battle for the AFC West title. Now for some random ramblings.

Derrick Johnson is starting to prove he has more in common with former Chiefs legendary linebacker Derrick Thomas than just his first name. DJ had a huge game last week against the Raiders having multiple key stops on the goal line. Now relax, he has ways to go before he reaches DT accolades. His pass coverage needs work, but he has improved greatly over the last two years.

Which QB annoys you more with his whining Philip Rivers or Jon Kitna? I personally believe they were separated at birth. When is the world going to catch on that Rivers is overrated? The two minute drill against the Jets last week was the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ve been on the fence with Matt Cassel ever since his arrival to the Chiefs. He’s either red hot or ice cold with no in between. So I’m going to use this game to make my final assessment. Cassel needs a solid performance at home in the national spotlight to keep me from making Ricky Stanzi for starting QB posts. Everyone seems to be asking if Cassel is a QB that can win a Superbowl?, I’m not convinced he can win a playoff game. Cassel, win me over.

Speaking of winning me over, why is everyone convinced Jackie Battle is good? I get the he’s not Thomas Jones argument, but I need to see more out of him. The Indy game was a good start but that’s all, a start.

I’m looking forward to seeing Romeo Crennels scheme this week. In the second half of the last game with San Diego it was apparent that he found something that threw the Chargers into a tizzy.

Lets hope the Chiefs secondary picks up where it left off. They played lights out last week. One piece of advice, on third down Rivers always targets Gates, its been that way for years so COVER HIM!

Enjoy the game my friends, it would be nice to see the Chiefs in first even if its a tie for first come Tuesday morning. YOU’RE NEXT TIM TEBOW!

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  • You’re spot on, it’s nice to finally have a game on MNF with 2 teams who will be competing for something… Editor Brandon Prewitt and I always go out and watch MNF… It’s been difficult at times to keep our interest.

    Philip Rivers is a HUGE whiner… As I pointed out in the banner image at the top of ChiefsCommand.com and my “Over/Under set at 7” post, in prediction of the number of times Rivers will be caught on camera whining during Halloween MNF. I hadn’t thought about Kitna, but that’s a good one too. Until last year, I hadn’t noticed, but Peyton Manning may actually whine more than Rivers.

    I like Jackie Battle, and I was the 1st to say it after Charles went down… Now, I don’t like him better than Charles, but I do like him infinitely better than McCluster as you can tell from my “Are the Chiefs a better team without Dexter McCluster?” post. I think Jones runs better in compliment to Battle, rather than McCluster as well. In fact, if you watch it again, Battle was lead blocker for Jones on a lot of Jones’s 4th quarter rushes.

  • Totally AGREE with your thoughts on Cassel! I cant seem to get on board with this guy! When he throws its never a good crisp ball its like a wounded duck! Lucky he has one of the top five WR’s in the NFL on his team!

  • @ Travis
    Yeah back when Seattle was in the Chiefs division Kitna annoyed me with his crying rants…Rivers does the same. I want to believe in Jackie Battle so I’m hoping all of you are right.

    This is it for me, after this game I’m either for or against Cassel, no more fence riding for this guy!

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