Kansas City Chiefs Fans: Pack Arrowhead Stadium This Sunday

There has been some talk about this Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs-Tennessee Titans game being under-attended. Now, this sort of prompting is a common occurrence but I have to wonder about the Kansas City Chiefs fandom if this game is blacked out. While the home crowd may not be the biggest asset, fans who have attended Chiefs games in Kansas City have received their money’s worth.

I know that attending a December football game requires a lot of fortitude, spirits and warm clothing but this 2010 Chiefs team is a lot better than they have been in many years. It’s also true that a win vs. the Titans won’t guarantee anything for the Chiefs if the San Diego Chargers go to Cincinnati and beat the Bengals. Despite these prohibitive factors, conclusions will have to be drawn if Sunday’s game is blacked out. Either the fans collectively don’t believe in this team yet, there isn’t enough enthusiasm about this team or fan’s are hedging their bets on the Oakland Raiders game.

Don’t believe?

Start doing so! The rebuilding process took one year too long but it is all but over. This is an NFL team again. A young team, yes, but the Atlanta Falcons are young too. How are they doing now? Don’t lower expectations about these Chiefs because this team has put forward the effort and have shown remarkable progress in a short time. If you are worried about not making the playoffs, I am too. I will initially consider this season a disappointment if the Chiefs do not make the playoffs but, after the dust settles, it will be hard to consider the season a failure.

This is a team worth buying into but what about the future of the league. Folks, if there is a lockout coming, why not go all in on this year’s Chiefs? I think that a lockout will be avoided but no one knows for sure right now. The Chiefs have two games teed up at Arrowhead Stadium and, if they beat these two inferior opponents, a playoff game will occur the week after. The last three years have been garbage but this season has been about the Chiefs exceeding the limits of our expectations.

Not all that enthused about the Titans coming to town?

A win by the Chiefs would be negated by a Chargers win and even if the Chiefs win, the Chargers game won’t be decided until well after the fans get home. This game comes down to representing Kansas City and the Chiefs fan base. A team one game away from the playoffs shouldn’t have to worry about blackouts. All these questions about why a professional basketball or hockey team won’t come to Kansas City gain validity if a lack of attendance blacks out a football game where the hometown team is 9-5 and has the potential to clinch the playoffs that day.

Are you hedging your bets towards the Raiders game?

If the Raiders game is a must-win for the Chiefs, that place will be jumping. A must-win game would have a playoff-like atmosphere but no such atmosphere can be generated for this week’s game.  However, the Titans do not have a lot going for them right now and if I were to buy a ticket where I would be insured a win, the Titans seem to be lower fruit than the Oakland Raiders. Plus, if the Bengals upset the Chargers and the Chiefs win, the Oakland game greatly deflates in value. There is a “hipster value” to be gained by going to this Titans game because if the Chiefs are crowned AFC West Champions on Sunday, you the fan will have the enjoyment of seeing that 10th win, the one that clinched the division. You will have been there before they were deemed worthy.

I am not talking to the season-ticket holder, the fan that has the ticket to the Titans game or the fan that doesn’t go at all. This is for you, the fan that has doubts and barriers that would keep you from watching a game that could mean so much or set up another game that could mean so much. The Chiefs are worth buying into. they are worth being enthused about and they are worth seeing every week they are playing at Arrowhead Stadium. Most likely, the tickets will be sold and the game will be televised in the greater Kansas City area. If there is any remaining doubt however, the Chiefs haven’t let the home crowd down yet!

Update 12/23 4pm CT: Nick Wright of 610am tweets this…

0% chance #Chiefs are blacked out. Even thrifty Clark Hunt wouldn't refuse to buy up nec. tix at 34% to get it on TV. No worries Chiefs fans
nick wright

Update 12/23 6pm CT: So, though the ticket prices be high and the game less than epic, we have this…

There will be no TV blackout this Sunday for Chiefs-Titans. More at
610 Sports Radio- KC


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  • I dont want the excuses about holidays and Economy and all that BS. The thought of a blackout for a 9-5 team trying to make the playoffs is absolutely insane. Come on Chiefs Nation!

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