Matt Cassel v. Indainapolis Colts NFL week 5 2011

Kansas City Chiefs Schedule: Bye Week Re-Run

With the bye week upon the Kansas City Chiefs, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate the remainder of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule and the possibility of a legitimate playoff run and push for an AFC West title.

In the pre-season, I picked the Chiefs to finish 8-8. Not horrible, given the “tough Chiefs schedule” bestowed upon the 2010 AFC West champs. Now, that tough scheduled is coupled with season ending injury losses to TE Tony Moeaki, SS Eric Berry and RB Jamaal Charles… Is 8-8 impossible to reach with the Chiefs currently sitting at 2-3?

The Chiefs started the season with losses to the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers before finding an offensive groove, winning their last two matchups against the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

In the pre-season, I had the Chiefs at 2-3 going into the bye, however, I picked the Chiefs to beat the Bills and lose to the Colts… The results of those two games were reversed.

Kansas City Chiefs Schedule: Bye Week Re-Run

Week 7 – @ Oakland Raiders – 3-3 (Predicted Chiefs record at the end of the game)

Everyone seems to love the Raiders all of the sudden. They are #2 in the NFL in rushing offense, dropping from #1 following their 94 yard performance in the week 5 win against the Houston Texans. The Raider passing game ranks 22nd in the NFL with 219.8 yards per game.  Their rushing defense allows 5.2 yards per carry and 122.8 yards per game and their pass defense ranks #29 in the NFL at 299.6 yards allowed per game with 10 TDs, tied for 2nd most in the NFL.

An aggressive offensive game plan from the Chiefs early could mean the Raiders are behind early and forced to abandon their offensive strength.

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Pre-Season Pick: Raiders

Week 8 – vs. San Diego Chargers – 4-3

The San Diego Chargers don’t look like the team they have in the past. Are they getting old? Antonio Gates sure is. I regret ever stating that he would hold every single record for a tight end by the time his career ends. The Chiefs lost a close game to the Chargers in week 3 and can force the split on Halloween night in Kansas City.

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Week 9 – vs. Miami Dolphins – 5-3

The Dolphins may be the only team who is actually trying as a franchise in the “Suck for Luck” campaign. After losing starting QB Chad Henne for the season, the Dolphins said a pro-rated $1 million dollars was too expensive and refused to sign veteran QB David Garrard to finish the 2011 season.

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Week 10 – vs. Denver Broncos – 6-3

Changing of the guard in Denver to Tim Tebow at QB. The change doesn’t make the Broncos any better, in fact, I bet the Broncos are worse.

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Week 11 – @ New England Patriots – 6-4

You didn’t expect this pick to change, did you?

Pre-Season Pick: Patriots

Re-Run Pick: Patriots

Week 12 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – 6-5

Last week, I would have told you how vulnerable the Steelers have looked and how beatable they looked. Their offensive line couldn’t stop the pass rush, they couldn’t pass block and Ben Roethlisberger was forced to make a ton of bad throws.

The offensive line still cannot run block, but they are now giving Ben just enough time to make plays. With Hines Ward re-emerging in the passing game, Pittsburgh will be tough to beat.

Pre-Season Pick: Steelers

Re-Run Pick: Steelers

Week 13 – @ Chicago Bears – 7-5

If Jay Cutler ever got an offensive line and quality WRs, the Chicago Bears may be a solid offensive team… But they don’t and they aren’t. Jay Cutler gets hit more than any QB in the NFL. A team simply cannot win playing that way.

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Week 14 – @ New York Jets – 8-5

The Jets look very beatable! They are in the bottom half of the NFL in passing offense, 2nd to last in rushing offense, 26th against the rush. The Jets are towards the top of the league against the pass.

This game could come down to which team; Chiefs or Jets, have righted their offensive rushing game first.

I told everyone to expect a big game from Jackie Battle in week 5, and he produced with 119 yards on 19 carries. If Battle can fill in adequately for Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs will have a solid chance at contending for the AFC West title.

Pre-Season Pick: Jets

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Week 15 – vs. Green Bay Packers – 8-6

I am not betting against the defending Champs. Looking like they will never slow down

Pre-Season Pick: Packers

Re-Run Pick: Packers

Week 16 – vs. Oakland Raiders – 9-6

I say all the time I believe every team has the ability to split their season matchups with division rivals. In the Schedule Re-run, I picked the Chiefs to win in Oakland in week 7. For the same reasons mentioned above, I will take the Chiefs in week 16.

This game could be interesting if the Raiders have switched to rookie QB Terrelle Pryor by week 16. Pryor brings an whole new dynamic.

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Week 17 – @ Denver Broncos – 10-6

Unless the football gods truly shine down upon Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, this game will not mean anything at all to the Broncos.

Pre-Season Pick: Chiefs

Re-Run Pick: Chiefs

Schedule Re-Run Recap

In my schedule re-run, I have the Chiefs gaining two games over my pre-season projections. Does a 10-6 record get the Chiefs to the playoffs? I think it does. Is my projection way out of line? I don’t think so. Sure, there are a few games I am on the fence on, but I am simply calling it how I see it right now.

Over the last two games (yes, I know both were against winless teams), the Kansas City Chiefs have shown fans they can be aggressive on offense, and fans have witnessed the first 4th quarter Matt-Cassel-led-comeback, coming all the way back from a 17-0 2nd quarter deficit, playing tough where they had previously appeared to have given up.

In 2010, the Packers fought through injury after injury, including losing their starting TE Jermichael Finley (10 games), starting SS Morgan Burnett (12 games) and starting RB Ryan Grant (14 games, and multiple other RBs). The Packers are a better team in 2011, yes, better than their 2010 Super Bowl winning team, due to the adjustments they were able to make during key losses in 2010 and the toughness and determination they showed while playing through these and other key losses.

Now, I am not saying the Chiefs can win the 2011 Super Bowl, my point is that the Chiefs are starting to come together as a team… and when that happens, a team can surprise everyone.

Your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • Were you Drunk when you wrote this? after what you seen the first 5 games you are thinking that they will now actuially win more games than you thought pre season?

    Take off your Homer Goggles!

  • This is the 1st optimistic post I’ve written in 2 years on Chiefs Command… Definitely not a homer.

    I think Battle can be a solid running back, and I said that when the local media was dogging the move, for the Chiefs and I think/hope they will use him properly going forward… This means Dexter McCluster really shouldn’t be on the field at RB.

    While I don’t fully buy into Matt Cassel, his stats/decision making has been pretty good over the last 3 games, minus the 4th quarter INT in San Diego He hasn’t been afraid to go down field and is actually looking to receivers other than the #1 option in the play.

    A solid rushing game and confidence with minimal mistakes from the QB is the key to winning games. Both of those appear to be developing right now.

    Lastly, some of those teams on the second half of the schedule do NOT look as good as they did in the pre-season.

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