Curtis Painter v. Buccaneers 2011 week 4

Kansas City Chiefs Beat the Minnesota Vikings!

Here we go again, Le’Ron McClain now talking 5-3, Chiefs fans thinking Matt Cassel is “The Guy,”  Todd Haley is a great coach for the way he brought out the good in Cassel.

The truth is the Chiefs are still as bad as 3 days ago, as bad as 2 weeks ago and as bad as 3 weeks ago. I would like to see someone comment on here, why the Chiefs are a better team than last week?

Chiefs just beat a team worse than they were, the now 0-4 Minnesota Vikings , Chiefs are about to go to Indianapolis and play the Colts. The Chiefs should beat them, the 3rd or 4th worse team in the NFL. Chiefs fans will begin to rise and think that they have a chance vs the Raiders.

Heck, Minnesota even made Tyson Jackson look Good, a full 1 tackle and a batted ball.

It took  5 FGs and a bobbling poor tackling pass and catch TD to beat the sorry-ass Minnesota Vikings!

Raiders will be  favored by 6.5 points, should win by 20 points but since its a divisional game and something is always in the air when Chiefs and Raiders play, games seem to always be closer than talent!

Until I see the Chiefs beat somebody that knows how to win, I dont see myself beleiving that the Chiefs  have something! So, Chiefs fans dont be excited, don’t be happy about beating the Vikings, dont think anything of this!!!

After watching 3 full quarters of Curtis Painter and Manning’s Boys, I no longer beleive the Chiefs have a chance vs them.. Might as well “Suck For Luck,” because these guys Suck to Suck anyway!

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