Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs vs. the AFC West

Since the season began, everyone as talked about the strength of schedule for the Kansas City Chiefs.  About how brutal this next 5-game stretch will be.  First they play the Patriots (6-3) in Foxborough, then come back for the Steelers (7-3), then on the road to Chicago for the Bears (6-3), then to New York for the Jets (5-4).  They wrap up the “gauntlet” with a home game at Arrowhead against the undefeated, defending champion Green Bay Packers (9-0).  Yes it is a very rough schedule.  Yes it may be the toughest 5-game stretch from any team, at any point in the season, but…

…the rest of the AFC West has a difficult road ahead of them as well!  The AFC West is split by a single game from first place to last place.  That is remarkable given that we are 10 weeks into the season!

Oakland (5-4) is currently in the drivers seat, but face 3 road games against the Vikings (2-7), Dolphins (2-7) & Packers.  They should lose to Green Bay.  The Dolphins have played most games very close, and their record does not indicate that.  Minnesota has the ability and talent to play well, and if their defense shows up, they could easily win.  They also host the Bears and Lions (6-3).  Both games have defenses that could take the Raiders running game out and force Carson Palmer to beat them.  At best, Oakland wins 1-2!

San Diego (4-5) is next!  The host the Broncos (4-5), Bills (5-4) and Ravens (6-3).  The Ravens have been playing with the consistency of a wet fart, but they have shown they are very capable of shutting down the opposing team.  The Broncos and Bill have very opposite season!  The Bills started hot and now appear to be luke warm at best, on the other hand the Broncos have started slow and with a little bit of  Tim Tebow magic, have somehow managed to make the NFL look like the NCAA!  How come teams cannot cover the read-option?  Everyone is so anxious to make the big hit or big play and their fundamentals break down and they over pursue or are caught out of position.  The Chargers also go on the road to Chicago and Jacksonville (3-6).  They could easily lose against the bears…and the west coast to east coast time is a big concern when they go to Jacksonville.  Of all the teams in the AFC West, the Chargers have the easiest road…easily winning 2-3.

Next is Denver.  They have 2 road games in San Diego and Minnesota.  I think by week’s 12 & 13, these 2 teams will have heard all about how Tebow is running all over the place and cannot complete a pass, even if he was throwing it to a wide open WR.  He will run first, then he will line up in a throwing formation, but will run it anyways!  I don’t even know if he knows his receivers names?  Then they have 3 homes games, but with teams like the Jets, Bears and Patriots…they better bring their A+++++ game, or they will lose in decisive fashion.  I could see them winning possibly 1 game, but most likely they go winless in their next 5 games too!

Lastly, we come back to Kansas City.  They are outmatched in every way…on paper!  They have some talent, they have the ability to win games, they just need to fight for it.  I could easily see them winning zero games, but I would not also be surprised if they won a game.  They may catch a luck break, or an opponent may be caught looking forward to the next week’s opponent and not focus for the Chiefs.  Stranger things have happened!

Just to recap;

Oakland is sitting at 5-4.  If they win 1 game, they will be 6-8, if they make it 2, then 7-7.

San Diego is currently 4-5, they should win 2 and move to 6-8, or 3 would make them 7-7.

Denver is at 4-5.  They might win 1 game and move up to 5-9, but I could also see lose all 5 and move to 4-10.

Kansas City is in the same boat as Denver 4-5, and may lose all 5 games and stay at 4-10, but if they win…just 1 game…they will be sitting at 5-9.

At most, Kansas City will be 3 games back with 2 games remaining.  That would officially eliminate them from the playoffs, but in the best case scenario, they would still only be 1 game back, and with the final 2 games against Oakland and at Denver…the season may not be completely lost!

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  • I see where your going with this, but as a Chiefs fan, I do not want them to make the playoffs with the team they have right now. So many injuries. I would rather move up on the draft and beef up that lines (both O and D). Our secondary is much better that it was 2-3 years ago. We have a running game with Charles. Cassel is getting paid too much for his ability, but that being said he’s not a bad QB. With a run stop D- line and powerful O-line like the one Cassel stood behind when he was with the Pats this could be a superbowl team next year. I don’t want to go into the playoffs with a banged up team, go down in the draft, and get another tough schedule next season!

  • @Jeremie – As a Chiefs fan, I would rather the Chiefs ALWAYS make the playoffs, regardless of injury situations or overall team talent.

  • Chargers win the division with a huge win tomorrow and then Denver, Jags, and buffalo look for this team to start playing much better. Philip Rivers has had a rusty start but it’s time. I hate the Chargers more then any team in the NFL just looking at stats and roster. Oakland 8-8 Broncos 7-9 Chiefs 5-11 Chargers 9-7 Last game against Oakland will be for the division.

  • I think the Raiders win it. Carson Palmer will catch Fire, I agree with You Brian that the SD-Oak game will be for the division.

  • @Jeremie – I am in no way advocating that the Chiefs will make the playoffs. My point of the subject is that everyone is making a huge deal about the schedule, but the rest of the AFC West has an almost equally hard schedule. After the next 5 weeks, KC could be within a few games of the division, even less now with DEN winning and OAK winning this weekend. I still think the Chiefs will drat somewhere in the middle of the draft…between 10-15.

    @Travis – I too would like to see the Chiefs always compete! No taking it off even when your out…just play 100% on every snap on every Sunday or Monday, or sometimes Thursday!

    @Brian & Michael – I think that you are right about the OAK/SD game. It could decide the division winner…only if someone can figure out how to stop Tebow from scoring…maybe play better ball in the first 3 quarters because he seems to only want to play in the 4th! The other quarters, he is too busy praying!

  • FYI – The chiefs schedule for next year will look something like this;

    Opponents – Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Carolina, and if the current divisional standings stand we would also get Indianapolis and Miami….not too easy! Currently a .469 winning percentage for opponents in 2012.

  • It’s going to be Oaklund winning the division! Behind them looks to be Denver with the “Tebow train.” As a Chiefs fan living in Denver I don’t mind them giving him the helm. His accuracy is terrible and they don’t have a passing game. Rivers looks aweful lately (which I love because I can’t stand him).

    @Salsy – I think we are going to be around 5-8 in the draft. Unless I am SERIOUSLY wrong about Palko, or they activate Ricky Stanzi and he turns out to be amazing. Both are unlikely, although I would like to see Stanzi get some playing time. I don’t think Cassel is the future QB of this team. He’s a GREAT 2nd string QB

    @ Travis – I grew up in Buffalo and lived there when they went to the Superbowl 4 times and losing every one of them. I don’t want anything like what is associated with that team to be the Chiefs, and maybe its do to my experience, but I would rather the Chiefs be thought of as a real playoff team than a joke when they get there. I don’t see Haley being around much longer.

    While I was happy when Pioli first came over, now I’m questioning some of his choices. I liked Herm as a coach, but he tried to play Chicago style running football with a west coast offense team. I miss Schottenheimer.

  • @Jeremie – I think Oakland winning the division is very possible…especially with SD faltering the way they have. But I also believe the SD has the easier schedule, so if they pull it together which they have done in the past, they could force the final match-up to be more decisive. Currently SD is down 10-3 to CHI.

    I think Palko will be fine. Tough schedule, but good to see him get a shot! I think Stanzi comes in for the GB game and plays the final 2 games against OAK and DEN.

    Looking towards the draft, they are currently sitting 14th, so they could slide down a few. Offensive and Defensive line are the biggest needs as of now!

  • Just took a look at the strength of schedules for next year…the top 10 as of current records are;

    MIA(.483), BUF(.486), CAR(.490), NE(.492), NYJ(.496), JAC(.501), SD(.506),ATL(.509),HOU(.510),WSH(.513)

  • The 10 toughest schedules using the current standings are;

    NYG(.583), BAL(.582), DET(.563), OAK(.560), SEA(.560), PIT(.559), GB(.554), NO(.553), CIN(.553), MIN(.550)

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