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Kansas City Chiefs Face Their Toughest Opponent Yet

No. the Chiefs aren’t playing the Jets. Does it really matter anymore? No.

Alright, The Baltimore Ravens are coming to town, the stadium is sold out and the Ravens are picked to win. They just might but here we are, a home playoff game. The Chiefs just might be underdogs but they have something the Ravens don’t have: health. Health goes a long ways in the playoffs. Will it be enough?

Raiders reach 6-0 in division; Chiefs host a playoff game

The home team didn’t really show up. This happens sometimes. It was disappointing but the Raiders are not in the playoffs because they can’t do what they do to the Chiefs to the rest of the league. I do have confidence that the team has forgotten about that game and I believe they will be ready for today’s game (at least more ready than they were 4 years ago).

Todd Haley: If he wins the Super Bowl, he still sucks (apparently)

Our own Nick Scott posted this now-infamous article where  Jason Whitock went rogue on Todd Haley this week. Whether you agree or disagree, this is quite a torching. Jason has been out of town for a while but, when he gets back to a football town, I would hope he figures out that if a coach wins the Super Bowl, he can still be a bad coach. This is his last statement:

“I don’t care if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this season. Todd Haley is not an NFL head coach.”

You know who I thought was a bad coach? Tom Coughlin. He won the Super Bowl and I had to stop thinking that. Jason is afraid that the Chiefs might actually win the Super Bowl. If the Chiefs do win the Super Bowl, I don’t care what kind of coach he is. He just won us the damn Super Bowl! How many Super Bowls did Mike Ditka win? One! Yet he’s “Da Coach.”

What Jason really wanted to do was say that he hates Todd Haley and that he thinks that GM Scott Pioli has a gigantic ego but he’s good at what he does. His article seems like he picked up a newspaper that is 4 months old and started ranting. I’m not the biggest Haley fan but he did have a hand in Matt Cassel’s ascension and he did get the team to win as many games as they won the previous three years. He’s no Josh McDaniels, Mike Singletary or Tom Cable. For the record, I’ll be judging the playoffs but I will say that Todd Haley is, in fact, an NFL coach.

Wild Card Weekend: The Ravens visit Arrowhead Stadium

The Ravens are banged up right now but this isn’t a recent occurrence. They didn’t get to 12-4 with all their stars leading the way. They have the best running game the Chiefs have seen, the best front seven they have seen and the best safety they have seen (**may not be true if players I’ve alluded to are inactive**). This is just a superior, further developed team. I doesn’t mean the Chiefs won’t win.

Arrowhead Stadium still has it and Michael Oher leads NFL lineman in false starts. It will be rocking and the Chiefs will have health and the crowd noise in their favor. They still have to stop the run. Stopping Ray Rice and his o-line will require an improvement for the front seven. While the Chiefs’ D has found a way to get to the quarterback, they have had trouble stopping the run and the short pass and the Ravens do both well.

On offense, Matt Cassel must have a good game. Jamaal Charles has to get his carries and blocks but they will need Matt Cassel to get the ball to Dwayne Bowe early and the line is going to have to show up. Bewsaf of Arrowhead Pride says the the offensive line didn’t have that bad of the game but Matt Cassel knows when to get rid of the ball and he had less time than what he’s accustomed to. The o-line has to be better than that, Brandon Albert especially.

On defense, Jovan Belcher, Mike Vrabel and Andy Studebaker have to show up tomorrow. The Ravens are going to attack their side of the defense and they have to at least be able to tackle. I’m not worried about the secondary handling the likes of Anquan Boldin and the rest of the Ravens wideouts.  If the Chiefs can stop Ray Rice from breaking big plays, the game will be close. I think the Chiefs defense will show up today.

No matter what else is said about this game, the Chiefs are in fact hosting a playoff game. They are also healthy. For some reason, I still think the Ravens will win. If you feel the same way, don’t feel bad about it. If you’ll remember as I do every playoff game the Chiefs have lost, it is natural to safeguard yourself against the fallout of a Chiefs loss. I am doing the same thing. I hope they win but I don’t see them beating the Ravens. It will be like every Ravens game: close. I hope the Chiefs win but I just don’t see it. This is probably a good sign because I am exceptionally horrible at picking Wild Card games (and presidential elections).

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 24, Kansas City Chiefs 20; Green Bay Packers win

If you want to win any money, bet against me. Expect bad football (four years ago bad) and hope for a win!

Update @  10:45am CT:

Full #Chiefs inactives: Lawrence. Cox. Langford. Anderson. Niswanger. Chambers. Toribio. Palko 3rd QB (via @)
Ravens inactives: WR David Reed , S Tom Zbikowsi, FB Jason McKie , LB Tavares Gooden , DT Arthur Jones , TE Davon ... http://bit.ly/fytAXg
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