Kansas City Will Bring the Noise at Arrowhead for Ravens/Chiefs

With the Baltimore Ravens coming to town, the Kansas City Chiefs will host a home playoff game in Arrowhead Stadium for the first time since the 2003 season. We all know it has been ages since the Chiefs last won a playoff game, and with the Kansas City Royals not doing much to help the cause, this city has been dying to see a winner for a long time now.

But who knows when it will come again? Cherish this feeling. This excitement, this nervousness, all of it. Because there’s a chance we won’t have another Chiefs game at Arrowhead for a long time, depending on whether or not there is a lockout in the NFL. Not only that, but who knows when the Chiefs will make the playoffs again? Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, so the Chiefs might as well make the most of this run while they can.

A run at the Super Bowl looks pretty unlikely right now from most people’s perspectives. As Todd Haley has been preaching, I think anything can happen if a team just gets over that first win in the playoffs. Let’s just put it this way, bigger underdogs and worse teams than the Chiefs have made it to the Super Bowl before.

Anything can happen. It’s the playoffs; all the teams, including the Chiefs, are here for a reason. I think the Chiefs have a good shot against the Ravens. Since it’s at Arrowhead, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything happens. If you had to ask me, I’d say it’s close to a 50/50 chance the Chiefs win with perhaps a slight edge to the Ravens. But there are many signs pointing in the Chiefs’ favor. For one thing, teams that can run the ball well and take care of the ball generally are a safe bet at home in the playoffs. For another, the Baltimore Ravens are full of injuries and distractions. As Chiefs Command’s own Jason Tarwater convinced me of, this is one of the most banged up teams in football. Add in the tragic situation of Ed Reed’s family (I do hope that his brother is OK), and there is a significant chance that the Ravens might not be ready to play on Sunday.

Furthermore, the Chiefs have dominated all season long at Arrowhead Stadium, up until the last week of the season. This crowd will provide a more significant advantage than the others, though; it’s the playoffs. Kansas City has been waiting for this for a long time. Arrowhead will be absolutely packed, drunk, excited, and, most importantly, loud.

If you’re going to the game, and you’re not normally someone that yells a lot, do it. Yell as loud as you can on defense. Yell even louder than you possibly can on 3rd down. Bellow “home of the CHIEFS” on the national anthem. Celebrate with every Kansas City Chiefs FIRST DOWN! call. We not only can bring the Arrowhead magic back; we can make it better. And louder.

Some quick keys to the game for me:

I know I sound like a broken record, but I think it’s crucial that we give Jamaal Charles the ball often. For my money, he’s the best running back in the NFL. So let’s use him. It’s also very important to get Cassel going. With Ed Reed banged up, and subpar cornerbacks, there’s no reason the Cassel-Bowe connection shouldn’t be a significant factor on Sunday. Finally, the Chiefs have to contain Ray Rice and beat up on Joe Flacco. This guy has won a few road playoff games in his young career, but he hasn’t performed that well.

Have fun this weekend, Kansas City. Let’s go get a win. And bring the noise.

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  • @ChiefsCommand Ravens to upset your Chiefs by 10 points.

  • scott: It wouldn’t be an upset.

    Tom: I agree with your JC sentiment. It’s playoff mode and we should get an unbridled amount of JC. I still think Matt Cassel is more crucial to winning but JC could be off the hook if he were given a full workload.

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