Jon Baldwin: Beast with (bad?) attitude

Ahhhh, football. Can you smell it? It was nice to put the lockout drama aside and get down to what makes this sport great: three hours of listening to Chris Berman make terrible jokes and go silent every time his producer talks in his earpiece.

None the less, the Chiefs drafted Pittsburgh wide receiver Jon Baldwin after trading their 21st overall pick for the Cleveland Brown’s 27th overall and 70th overall picks (fantastic trade by Scott Pioli, by the way). So what’s the deal with Baldwin? I scoured the internets (RIP “Nick’s Chiefs Briefs”) and dug up some info on the newest Kansas City Chief.

Let’s start with the good (hat tip to Sideline Scouting for this great sheet on our boy):

-He’s a physical specimen at 6’4″, 220 lbs.

-He’s not a “burner”, but he’s got some speed and can distance himself if given enough time.

-Red zone nightmare. Not only because of his size, but his ability to jump and catch.


-Makes the catch at the highest point.

-He is consistent, which is all the more impressive, considering he had garbage QBs throwing to him at Pitt (Tyler Palko, anyone?)

With the good comes the bad, and when it comes to the case of Jon Baldwin, the good definitely outweighs the bad:

-Character concerns. Had some trouble with the law in 2009 for disorderly conduct and harassment. Not like he shot somebody or bought a gun from a drug dealer. This was two years ago, mind you.

-His route running is sloppy and he’s slow out of the break.

-Runs mostly straight line routes.

-Has been accused of being lazy and disinterested.

You can’t be upset with this pick. This is the biggest offensive need the Chiefs had heading into tonight and they took care of business taking a guy who is an absolute athletic specimen with #1 receiver potential. I like this pick by the Chiefs. Baldwin was hidden at Pitt in the Big East and was underwhelming his senior year. The attitude problems are a bit of cause for concern, but this guy was the most consistent receiver available to the Chiefs at 26. The Chiefs addressed a giant need.

Now, let’s see what Pioli & Co. have in store for tomorrow…


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  • Ouch! Taking a shot at Tyler Palko. I think drafting wide receivers is hard to do because they are all whiny, uninterested and egotistical. SItcott Pioli has gotten the reputation of picking upstanding citizens and captains of their teams but he went for a straight -up big wideout. He seems like he could be a ballhawk. I read somewhere where he was called a slightly slower Brandon Marshall. I don’t know about you but I think the Chiefs need one of those.

    It will be interesting to see him getting worked into the offense. I’ll bet they have some wide reciever ahead of him on the depth chart for a while into the season but, if he is any good, it won’t take much for him to be the second-best wide receiver.

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