Jamaal Charles v. Lions 2011: Torn ACL

Jamaal Charles: Torn ACL. Who Carries the Load Now?

Kansas City’s week 2 match-up against the Detroit Lions ended much like the week 1 match-up against the Buffalo Bills (loss 41-7). The Chiefs were blown out, 48-3, looked as if they were completely unprepared and over-matched, and, more devastatingly important than anything else, lost one of their best and most important players to a season-ending ACL tear.

Three weeks in a row now, the Chiefs have lost a much-needed play-maker to an ACL tear: Pre-season week 4: tight end Tony Moeaki, Week 1: safety Eric Berry, Week 2: running back Jamaal Charles.

Rather than join in on the absurd “Suck for Luck” or “14 games for 15 years” campaigns, I am finding other ways to entertain myself while the Chiefs are attempting to play football on Sundays…

First, who will lead the Jamaal Charles-less backfield the remainder of the season? The choices are:

  1. Thomas Jones – #1 on the depth chart and 2010 team leaded in carries.
  2. Dexter McCluster – The Chiefs have appeared to abandon the use of McCluster as a WR, so this means more touches with Charles out, right?
  3. Le’Ron McClain – The 2-time Pro Bowl full back who joined the Chiefs as a free agent in 2011.

Second, who will be the next Chiefs player to suffer a season ending injury?

Ya, Ya… I’m a prick… Picking the next Chiefs player to be seriously injured. I know, but you do notice the trend, right? Three torn ACLs in the last three games… The choices are:

  1. Dexter McCluster – We saw how fragile he could be in 2010. Will an increased workload boost the propensity for injury?
  2. Brandon Flowers – If being burnt on the field was equal to real-life third degree burns, Flowers would would be in the ICU. Flowers is getting beat all over the field after signing his new contract. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a nagging injury become a season ending one at some point.
  3. Matt Cassel – I am not a Cassel supporter, but I also do not put all the blame on him for the team’s performance. That being said, he is getting way too much pressure to survive, right?

Who are your picks for carrying the load and next out for the year? Who did I leave out and why?

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