Tony Moeaki Kansas City Chiefs

It’s almost time to believe

3-0. First place in the AFC West. Sounds so damn good.

This team just DESTROYED a team who many “experts” picked to win the NFC West and even go as far as the Super Bowl.

Nearly 200 rushing yards. Matt Cassel’s best game (statistically) of 2010. Todd Haley coaching the pants off of Mike Singletary. Arrowhead rocking on a crisp, early Autumn afternoon.

Is it time to believe in these Chiefs?

No, not yet, but we’re on the cusp of something special here in Kansas City. Our offense can win us games, our special teams can win us games, our defense can win us games.

We can do it all. Our coaching staff has instilled something in this team that makes you wonder: can the Chiefs do something great this year?

Of course, I’m not saying this team is going to the Super Bowl or is even going to win the division. But you can’t deny that there is a mystique and aura around this team. Arrowhead is electric once again. The players have bought into what the coaches are selling. We’ve got game changers left and right on both sides of the ball. A young set of speed freaks that can change the scoreboard in one play and make defensive coordinators call for their mommy. A young tight end that has hands of gold. A coach that is starting to display some moxie and creativity with every aspect of his team.

A wildcat flea-flicker? Why not? Onside kick in the 2nd quarter? Sure, go for it! Blitz the hell out of the quarterback? What a novel concept! The coaching staff deserves a lot of credit for this 3-0 start. The Chiefs look like a team that is determined to shock the world, one week at a time. Now we have the bye week, and after that, the Chiefs head into their toughest stretch of the season. Two games on the road at Indianapolis, and at Houston. Houston looks beatable, but Peyton Manning and the Colts stand in the way. Win one of those two games, and this city, this region and this Kingdom will go nuts. More nuts than we are right now.

This team is making plays. They beat, no, wait, OBLITERATED a team who I had picked them to lose to before the season even started. 450 yards of total offense. Five sacks (nearly half of their season total from 2008). 200 rushing yards. Three touchdowns through the air. A secondary that’s playing like their hair is on fire. Oh yeah, we have talent too.

In the NFL, talent can win you football games. But character, will and determination win championships, and this team seems to have that in spades.

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  • The Chiefs are for real! I expect great things against the Colts.

  • I don't know about "for real", but man this is a lot of fun! Going to be a great season.

  • Statistically we are one of the best in the league overall. In terms of team defense, we are now in the top 5 or so. I find it a little ironic that we were picked as 14-point underdogs at home against the number 1 rush defense of the past several years. If we can rack up 200+ rushing yards against San Fran, then we can do it against anyone. Teams and so-called experts that counted the Chiefs out will have to take notice!

    I expect them to be able to line up and be competitive against anyone as long as they keep growing and learning!

  • I think they're for real. in terms of being in contention for a playoff race, we're definitely for real. we already have a two game lead on the rest of our division. no one else can say that.

  • I'm glad Chuck Weis stopped in at Chiefs Command last week and decide we were right to suggest that it is time to get McCluster involved in the passing game.

    I believe that was the point when the offense really got rolling… Once the Chiefs offense introduced McCluster as a viable offensive threat to the defense.

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