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Insight into the Houston Texans: Q&A with Toro Times

Each week, my favorite part about being a Kansas City Chiefs blogger is meeting and talking with fans and writers of the Chiefs’ opponent.

I already know what Kansas City fans, writers and personalities think about our Chiefs… It is much more interesting to learn what the enemy thinks of your team… Especially when there are honest about their own team.

I want to thank Anthony North of for another collaborative Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans game preview post.

Anthony and I exchanged 5 questions. Some serious. Some not.

Chiefs Command Asks

CC: As you may know, Chiefs DT Shaun Smith was accused of, and then busted grabbing the opposition’s man-stick against Cleveland and San Francisco respectively, which offensive lineman should Smith stay away from on Sunday, and what will happen to him if he doesn’t?

TT: The only Texans offensive lineman I would really be afraid of is right tackle Eric Winston. He’s made it clear that he won’t let anyone mess with him. Luckily for Smith, he plays on the inside.

CC: Pretend you were an assistant on the Texans coaching staff and you were canned… Chiefs brass calls you up and asks for some dirt about your former employer. What do you tell the Chiefs about Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak?

TT: Starting with general manager Rick Smith, I would tell the Chiefs that he’s a very hard nosed GM that highly values his young players. Smith worked with Kubiak back in Denver, so they are on the same page as far as getting the players required to run their schemes.

As far as Kubiak, I would tell them that he could leave his team under-motivated for certain games. In this case, their opponent could have a huge advantage if they get momentum early.

CC: Bigger defensive beast: Brain Cushing or Mario Williams and why?

TT: As far as being a pure beast, that title belongs to Mario Williams. A player as big as 6’7″ 290 pounds isn’t suppose to be able to run a 40 yard dash in 4.73 seconds. Opponents have to gameplan a lot for Williams, usually double teaming him for most of the game. It’s unfortunate that the Texans don’t have better pass rushing defensive tackles otherwise you might see the full potential of Mario Williams.

But from an impact standpoint, Brian Cushing is a strong contender. He’s a playmaker all over the field, racking up a tremendous amount of tackles for an outside linebacker, getting sacks, snagging interceptions, and forcing offensive errors. In his first game back from his suspension, Cushing rushing the quarterback three times to force two interceptions by Eli Manning. For a player that was accused of taking PED’s, to be significantly stronger and faster than you were a season ago proves a lot of the naysayers wrong. Cushing could easily be considered a top three linebacker by the end of the season.

CC: What do you know about Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers? Are the local sports talk personalities and callers worried about him?

TT: Due to the fact that Kansas City has been off the national stage for a few seasons now, Brandon Flowers isn’t known well by many. Only recently are the Chiefs getting more attention, and Flowers is one of the reasons why. Current Texans and former Chiefs defensive backs coach David Gibbs once coached Flowers. There was a lot of study done on how well Gibbs managed Flowers as he progressed into the player he is now, so Texans fans do have a good idea of what Flowers has at his disposal. It’s hard for anyone to shut down the best receiver in the game in Andre Johnson, but Flowers certainly has the ability to slow him down.

CC: 4th quarter, Texans 21 – Chiefs 17. Chiefs ball on their own 35 yard line. Who wins the game? Why and how?

TT: This is a situation the Texans are used to. They’ve played in a lot of games like this and won. But I’m going to go by what history says and say that the Texans would lose. If the Texans were to win, it would be because they were able to get 3 and outs as well as having the ability to consistently get the ball to their play makers on offense. If the Texans need a score, they’re very capable of getting it. I would just be more worried about the defense’s ability to keep the opposing offense off the field.

Toro Times Asks

TT: After coming out on an explosive streak to start the season, the Chiefs were the last undefeated team at 3-0. But after losing to the Colts last week, they seem to have lost some of that momentum. What happened?

CC: I’m not sure the Chiefs have lost momentum. In KC, the team and fan spirits are still very high. The Chiefs probably fell off a little in the national media after the loss, but I am very happy with the way the Chiefs D played against the Colts.

TT: Jammal Charles at running back is no secret. Thomas Jones is another solid contributor. How will the Chiefs look to use them against the Texans?

CC: The Chiefs have pretty much played RB v. defensive match-up in 2010. Charles got the bulk of the work in week 5 at Indy; I believe this was because the Chiefs wanted to try to utilize Charles’s speed on the turf. To be successful against the Texans the Chiefs will need to run the ball up the middle. The Texans are simply too fast and strong on the corners of the front 7. I expect Thomas Jones to receive a larger chunk of the work.

TT: The Texans have a terrible pass defense so far this season. Will the Chiefs look to exploit that or do you think they will try to remain more balanced on offense?

CC: The Chiefs should attempt to stay balanced. I have no confidence in Matt Cassel or the Chiefs WR corp to drive the field or produce points.

TT: The last time the Texans faced the Chiefs was in the season opener of 2007 where the Texans won 20-3. Both teams are much changed now, but which is the biggest difference about the Chiefs now since then?

CC: Right now, 1 win… That team only won 4 games all season! Seriously, I would say speed and defense. The overall offensive talent/ability isn’t much better than the 2007 team. The 2010 Chiefs are fast on both sides of the ball (except #1 and #2 WRs) and the 2010 Chiefs D is for real.

TT: What are you expectations and predictions for this game?

CC: I expect the game to be close, with the Chiefs shutting down Arian Foster almost completely. I’m looking forward to watching Brandon Flowers matched up on Andre Johnson and Brian Cushing covering/eliminating Tony Moeaki. Matt Schaub will be required to pick apart the Chiefs secondary, and I think the Texans passing game is good enough to win the game.

Pick: Houston 24 – Chiefs 17

What are your thoughts?

Which answers do you disagree with me on? What questions would you have like to seen answered.

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  • Good Q and A sessions! It is good to hear the lack of confidence coming from the Texans side but I would have to agree with Travis. Schaub and AJ should do some damage. It should be a big game for Thomas Jones, Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers. Moeaki will get some catches but Cushing may very well neutralize Tony. If the pass rush can repeat what it did to the Niners, the Chiefs may be in good shape. Should be another good game.

  • I hope Flowers completely shuts down Andre Johnson… If that happens, he just may be the #1 story in the NFL all week!

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