Home of the Brave, not Home of the Chiefs

Inspired by a Tweet last week from Fox 4 Kansas City reporter, Nick Vasos (@nickvasos), I want to quickly show my support for, and ask fans who attend the Chiefs season opener against the Buffalo Bills on September 11 to finish the National Anthem with “home of the brave,” rather than the Kansas City tradition of “home of the Chiefs.”

Please show respect and support for those who protect us. September 11 has become somewhat of a unofficial national holiday to honor US police, firefighters and EMT personnel.

Correctly singing the final word of the National Anthem will do NOTHING to ruin your opening day experience day at Arrowhead Stadium, yet the correct singing will go a long way to show your support for those who keep us safe.

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  • America can have the first 91 words of the national anthem. but the final one belongs to Arrowhead.

  • Tom, you are still alive!

    Guess we’ll have to disagree… Sorry to hear that less than a half second of your life is more important than showing respect to those who protect us…

  • As a veteran, I am for freedom of speech. Say whatever the hell you want.! Anyone who tells you that you’re not respecting your country by saying “Chiefs”, never had to defend your right to speak.
    There will be a huge ceremony for the 9/11 victims at Arrowhead. I know many Chiefs fans who are also veterans. None of them think saying “Chiefs” is disrespectful.

  • Nice to have input from a vet, thanks!

    I suppose I have always thought of it as disrespectful to the National Anthem itself…

    As a side note, the Chiefs are charging admission to the game for the service men/women who will be holding the flag on field before the game… That’s pretty classless on the part of the Chiefs.

  • Although I doubt they are punishing the servicemen and veterans for being servicemen/veterans, they have the right to refuse to go.
    Some think “Chiefs” and “Redskins” are disrespectful to Native Americans. I think pushing your beliefs onto others, by calling them Un-American is extremely disrespectful.
    Saying “Chiefs” is a tradition that most who attend Chiefs games are proud of. IMO, allowing others actions to change the way we live is Un-American. You have the right to say what you want. So do we. Just be thankful that you have the freedom to say what you want. Nobody deserves to be chastised for what they say or how they feel. This is the exact thing that our servicemen/women fought and died for. I’m proud to have served this country and I love the fact that we have the right to say “Chiefs”. Nobody should be trying to make us feel guilty for our freedom of speech.

  • btw. have you noticed that Nick Vasos deleted his tweets about this subject? I read his tweet too and responded similarly to what I said on here. Soon after, his tweets were gone.

  • I agree that everyone has freedom of speech and that is a huge part of our country’s and my beliefs. I called no one unAmerican for singing “home of the Chiefs,” but I do think it is disrespectful and a bit d-baggery…

    Those are not the words to the song… If people think the Chiefs need their own song… Go out and write one… Many other teams have their own songs.

    To be quite honest, I don’t think the National Anthem should be sung at the beginning of sporting events. It really doesn’t make sense to me, but if it is going to be sung, what’s the point of changing the words? It’s childish and immature.

    Just because something is “tradition” doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid or wrong.

    And, actually Nick’s Tweets on the subject are still in his timeline. August 30th.

  • you’re right. he deleted his replies to me.

    Here’s a little story for you, Travis:

    A college Professor stood on his chair and said “If GOD really exists then knock me off this chair” Nothing happened, the class was quiet he said “See! now I’ll give it a couple more minutes” A Marine Vet stood up, punched him in the face knocking him out and off the chair,then sat back down.As the Professor came to he looked at his student and said “WHY DID YOU DO THAT”he said “GOD was busy protecting my buddies still fighting for your right to say and do stupid stuff like this so HE SENT ME.

  • “It’s childish and immature”

    If I really felt that way, I would carry a sign to the game that said so.

    I guess it’s safer to hide behind a computer and call 85% of the fans names, right?

  • No, I tell people how childish and immature it is to change the words off The Star Spangled Banner all the time.

    I think it’s a bit funny that you’re nearing coming to blows about my freedom of speech, yet you blast me as being against freedom of speech for saying people shouldn’t change the words to a 200 year old song.

    This usually seems to be the case with people who throw out freedom of speech at will… They want others to protect their freedom of speech, yet are willing to fight or complain when the view is different than their own.

    By they way, I am enjoying this topic as an actual conversation

  • I’m coming to blows? that’s funny..

    I don’t remember calling you childish or immature. I’m a grown adult. I don’t stoop to name calling, unless I’m present to defend it. All I’m saying is that if I were trying to make a name by jumping on some soapbox, I’d be man enough to do it in public, not behind a computer/

    It seems to me like the ones who claim to be such “good Americans”, didn’t have the cajones to actually serve their country., but have the nerve to think they’re the conscience of America. The only blood most of them have ever seen, their mommy was there to kiss it and make it better.

    I’m enjoying this too. As someone who has served his country, I find it amusing to hear how un-patriotic I am, from someone who obviously hasn’t served his country.

    If you’re looking for attention, I’ll be sure to send a few more veterans to your little blog, so you can tell them how childish and immature they are.

  • Wow… With every reply, you put more and more words in my mouth!

    I’m not really sure what you mean by “do it in public.” You want me to hold a press conference? A town hall meeting? Really, who would come? I’m no celebrity. I don’t hide behind a computer. I put my real name to the things I say and believe. I don’t use a clever screen name attached to a generic email address with an avatar of the Chiefs logo.

    If all of those were true, then you would have a point… I hate those people as well, and that’s not me or anyone else who is a regular contributor here on Chiefs Command. We make it a point to put our names and our faces to our words.

    I never called anyone any names. I said it is childish, immature, disrespectful and a bit d-bagish for fans to change the National Anthem to fit their liking.

  • Steve,

    I invite you to write a short (or long) post taking the counter point if you like. I think it would be nice to have a post with both sides.

    If you want to, go to to submit it

  • I disagree with Travis on this one, to me the “home of the Chiefs” thing is no big deal, it just adds a touch of local pride to our national anthem, but I think you’re missing the point Steve.

    You call Travis out for being on a soapbox behind his computer, saying had you the same opinion you would do it in public, but Travis isn’t hiding. He’s used his real name on a post on a Web site he regularly contributes to. He’s not hiding in anyway. Instead, he’s using this soapbox (which reaches more people than any sign he could carry would) to voice his opinion. As is often done on this type of site and countless others like it. It’s just him exercising his rights as an American, isn’t it?

  • You’re right. “childish, immature, disrespectful and a bit d-bagish” aren’t names. lol

    Let’s suppose that I said people who sing the National Anthem correctly but haven’t served their country are spineless cowards and mommy’s boys, that don’t have the right to criticize anyone who doesn’t, especially the ones who DID serve their country(not that I would ever say anything like that).
    Would I be calling them names? If so, what’s the difference in saying people who say :Chiefs” are “childish, immature, disrespectful and a bit d-bagish”? (not that I would ever say that either)

    You’re right, You do have the right to think and say what you want, but the people that you think you’re supposedly defending, are the people you are arguing with right now. What’s wrong with that picture?

  • you’re absolutely right, B Fred. I apologize.
    I don’t know Travis and he has every right to say what he wants.
    I would just like to hear from someone else who thinks the way he does, that has actually fought for his country. Shouldn’t THEY be the ones that are offended?
    I’m sure there are people who feel like Travis, but I have not heard one veteran complain about it.

  • Travis,

    I’m not a writer and don’t play one on TV. I haven’t even been to a Holiday Inn Express for a while.

    I don’t know what I could say, that I haven’t already said. Thank you for your invite though.

  • Cool, thanks for the conversation… Feel free to comment on my posts which actually involve football throughout the season. I will always reply.

  • Thank you. I will.

    I’m sure you have good intentions concerning the “Chiefs” thing. I just don’t think it has anything to do with how good of an American you are, or whether you’re disrespectful or not. I promise you that we’re not terrorists, if we say “Chiefs”.

    Different people show their love for their country in different ways. It’s illegal to spank your kids now, but that doesn’t make you a bad parent if you do it.

  • Please tell me how you were affected by 9-11

  • I’m with you Travis. FOX 4 News just mentioned your blog on this subject. By the way, “childish, immature, disrespectful and a bit d-baggish” are not names, they are adjectives which describe a noun. The noun in this case happens to be “Steve Tracy.”

  • Alex, if you were not affected in any way by the events of 9/11… You may be heartless…

    Greg, thanks for the comment. That’s pretty cool about Fox, I guess. Hope they didn’t make me look like even more of an ass than I tend to make myself, at times, that is.

    I am not personally applying those adjectives to any one individual… I will leave that to others.

  • Although Fox 4 tried to appear objective, it was evident that they are on your side.

    I will take my individual liberties to make fun of Steve Tracy’s comments (freedom of speech) since he clearly made it a point to get heated and aggressive for all to see.

    By the way, Steve Tracy; I liked your original name from the comics: “DICK.”

  • Grow up, guys. This conversation is about a difference in opinion about whether saying Chiefs is disrespectful. I do not think it is disrespectful but that’s just a difference in opinion. It does not make me “d-baggish” in any way, nor is Steve Tracy a dick.
    I assure you that whoever says “chiefs” at the end of the national anthem is not being intentionally disrespectful, and that’s really all that matters.

  • I do think you’re right, Tom. 95% of me does not think there is any intentional disrespect, however, if brought to the attention of fans attending the game on 9/11 those fans should have no problem whatsoever in correctly singing “Brave” to show additional support and respect for the nation’s firefighters, police and EMT service men and women.

  • My understanding is that the Chiefs are NOT charging the servicemen/women that are part of the festivities. It was an error that was quickly remedied when the upper management learned of it.

  • Active Navy here, for those who wanted the opinion of one who served and felt similar to Travis.

    While I haven’t fought for our freedoms directly in the manner many of my fellow servicemen (Army and Marines namely, with many Air Force, Navy, and even Coast Guard supporting or taking part from the battlefield itself, I personally am one who would prefer people honor this request by the NFL for the 9/11 anniversary.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe saying Chiefs at the end is disrespectful. Any other game, I’m screaming myself silly at that point. That’s how it was for me at MNF last year. But the vast majority of the home crowd stepped up and used the original lyrics on Sept. 23rd, 2001 when we played the Giants, and to me it means the same thing it did then.

    We’re America, and yes we have the write to do or say most anything we want. The NFL and the Chiefs organization haven’t threatened to throw anyone out of the game if they say Chiefs. Each and every one there has the choice to say what they want. But it’s a small symbol of unity, respect, and honor to those who lost their lives that day and each day since in service to others, or as victims of that horrendous attack.

    Does it really offend your freedoms so much that you feel you have to hold to a sporting tradition over a national one? If so, that’s your choice, and I won’t begrudge you that. However, just as I did at the Giants game in 2001, I’ve been blessed with the ability to attend this game, and I will be saying Brave.

    Go Chiefs!

  • @Ty – Good to hear. I was listening to sports radio when this event was first being planned and a local firefighter called up and said his station was offered to opportunity to hold the flag and the Chiefs were offering “discounted ticket prices” to the game for those who wanted to hold the flag.

    @Eric – Thanks for the reply. It seems to be a pretty split topic from everything I have read and listened to.

  • I was going to put my name as ‘Chiefs Fan’ but since apparently 99% of Chiefs fans are “d-baggery” I went with the more appropriate name for the conversation. I’m impressed with your professionalism you show as a “sports” writer. My take on the subject, there are more things to worry about in our lives than whether people are saying “Chiefs” or “Brave” but if no one would be complaining about this it would just be something else that didn’t affect out daily lives. It would be nice to live a day where people talked about the things that are great in life and not always about the negatives. Ooh well.

  • Wow, this appears to be a pretty hot topic.

    I normally have no probelm with “Home of the Chiefs”. However, since the first weekend of football is paying homage to 9/11 then I think the words “Home of the Brave” need to be used. It has nothing to do with freedome of speech, but everything to do with paying tribute. Just becuase some of us didnt/couldnt/won’t serve the US military doesn’t mean that we can’t have an opinion on the matter.

    I work for an organization that caters to present and past service members and their families. I get to talk to our soliders every day, and what they do/did for our country means alot to me. I have to believe that many of them would appreciate the fact that the National Anthem be sung correctly when tribute is being paid.

    Not to start a second debate, but I tend to think the problem lies in the fact that the song is over used/played, and so people feel it’s ok to use their freedome of speech and alter it.

  • If you are singing our National Anthem and sing it by inserting words other than those that were written by Francis Scott Key, you ARE being disrespectful. If the Chiefs want to have the fans sing a “Chiefs” anthem then let them write their own, not just change the reference to “the Brave”, our country’s great Anthem, to suit their sick desires.

  • Wow. Really dude? I hate self-righteous people. The people doing that mean no disrespect and if you take it as a sign of disrespect you need to just chill.

  • @Trent – I agree the National Anthem is overused. It really doesn’t make much sense to me that it is sung before every sporting event.

    @Rod – It is nice to hear the thoughts of someone outside of Kansas City, which is what some Chiefs fans who are commenting forget. This is a KC tradition and I will bet that the majority of Americans outside Kansas City would disagree with the tradition if asked in a simple poll.

    @Tom – “Self-righteous?” Really? That may not be the word you were looking for…

  • Uh no it was exactly the word I was looking for. Some peiple on this are acting like they are morally superior. Im done commenting on this post this is one of the dumbest “controversies” i have ever seen

  • “Wow. Really dude? I hate self-righteous people. The people doing that mean no disrespect and if you take it as a sign of disrespect you need to just chill”

    Good post, I would agree, but for just one game I think would nice to say home of the brave just like we did just after 9-11
    when people get hung up on words & do not look at the big picture they are a fake to me you feel what you sing & anyone that think KC is not patriotic, they need there head fixed

  • One last time… I urge those attending the game to sing the national anthem correctly!

    It is only one game and 1/2 of a second out of your life!

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