Could This Halloween Be Christmas?

Yesterday was a great day to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan. The 28-0 victory over the Oakland Raiders brings the team’s record to 3-3 and sets up a Halloween date for a battle for first place in the AFC West. A win Monday night over the San Diego Chargers will be better than any trick or treat, it will be like Christmas.

The Chiefs didn’t play that well offensively, especially Matt Cassel with his two interceptions. However, the defense showed up and picked off Oakland’s quarterbacks six times, two of which were returned for touchdowns. Things might have been different if Darren McFadden didn’t leave the game early with an injury. Luckily the Chiefs had things fall in their favor all day long from McFadden’s exit, the fumble recovery in the endzone, and the horrible play from Oakland’s quarterbacks.

Honestly I’m not surprised by Sunday’s outcome. Kyle Boller had never been good; giving him the ball to start this game must have scared Raiders fans. Before the Carson Palmer trade I thought they had a better chance of success by starting Terrelle Pryor and sticking with a heavy ground attack.

Analysts praised the Raiders all week for their trade with the Cincinnati Bengals to acquire Carson Palmer. As a Bengals fan myself I couldn’t understand this as I knew what the Raiders were getting, an average QB at best. Palmer has thrown 20 interceptions in a season twice in his career, once in 2007 and again last season. Before Sunday’s game he had thrown 154 touchdowns to 100 interceptions, not quite the ratio that warrants the compensation the Raiders gave up on the guy who was to secure their playoff run and save their season. Also, last season Palmer threw five interceptions that were ran back for defensive touchdowns, a skill he has nearly perfected. The pundits will say all this week that his 8 for 21 116 yards 3 INT performance was based on his lack of knowledge of the playbook and his lack of being in game shape. I say it’s par for the course for Carson Palmer, it’s the exact same performance Bengals fans are used to seeing from him.

The Chargers loss to the New York Jets was a great beginning to a day that capped off with the shutout of the Raiders. However, this Chargers team is good and shouldn’t be overlooked. They get a healthy Antonio Gates back at the right time and have had decent success in the run game with Ryan Mathews and Mike (the Vulture) Tolbert. Monday night’s game will be a good one, hopefully it’ll be as close as the last Chargers game was and Matt Cassel can lead the team to victory instead of committing a stupid turnover.

This Chiefs fan will be wearing red in St. Louis while on vacation. I’ll be spending my Sunday afternoon at the Rams/Saints game and cheering like mad from some sports bar under the Arch Monday night. All those children in Kansas City expecting an answer at every door this Halloween night might want to curb their expectations. They might want to head out early as their will be no answering the door to give you a Snickers bar once Monday Night Football begins.


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  • I spent all afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday… With no cell service or data connection.

    I was completely shocked to come out to the mountains and find the Chiefs 28-0 with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game.

    I expected the Chiefs to win this game… But WOW! I haven’t had a chance to watch the game, but looking over the play-by-play… The Chiefs seemed to take on the early game plan I suggested last week!

  • Regardless of whatever happens this season this epic game will always give us a reason to remember it.

  • I’m celebrating this win all week, but the Chiefs better focus on San Diego. It will be a tough game, but with the momentum and home field in KC’s favor, I feel like they will pull it off and take the lead in the division. Hopefully the defense gained the confidence that they are able to force turnovers and the offense can keep improving on moving the ball. Cassel looked rough on Sunday but if he settles down and makes plays, they will score.

  • opening line was Chiefs +4, should be a good game. Chiefs fans need to bring the home field advantage, If the Chargers get to an early lead I think the Chiefs will be in trouble. Chiefs defense will be key we need to bring pressure on Rivers early. Should be a great game.

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