Could Haley’s Days be Numbered?

After seeing the game today, the question about whether the Chiefs will retain Todd Haley’s services after the seasons ends came up.  It came up once before, after the Chiefs dropped 3 in a row, but was silenced when they started winning. Now after 2 home losses, the critics and fans will be calling for a change, and I think Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt will oblige!

During Haley’s 3 year run up to this last blowout loss, Kansas City has a home record of 10-11.  Even with the leagues loudest stadium, the Chiefs cannot even manage 50% at home; granted, there hasn’t been much to cheer about lately.  The Chiefs play 8 games at home every year, and if they wanted to make the playoffs they would need to win at least 6 of those games, meaning they would need to pick up at least 4 road wins.  Keep that number handy, we will use it again shortly!

Since Haley took over in 2009, the Chiefs have a division record of 6-10.  The Chiefs play each divisional opponent twice, so there are 6 for a season.  They still have 2 more this year, and those are looking any better.  OAK here in KC, and then in DEN.  Might be 2 more losses after all is said and done! Over the last 10 full seasons, the AFC West Division champion has a record of 47-15, so basically win 5 in your division, and your in! Someone tell that to the 2010 Raiders who swept the division, and missed the playoffs!

So remember that home record from before? (6-2)  So if they already won 3 division home games from the previous segment, that would make 2 additional division away games, so now their record would stand at 8-3, and they only need 2 more wins outside of Arrowhead, and outside of the division…very feasible considering they have 5 games remaining!

Since Haley took over in 2009, the Chiefs overall record has not been too impressive.  Just a measly 18-23 (44%).  Not the worst head coach in the last decade…that honor belongs to Herm Edwards who went 15-33 (32%).  I am not 100% sure why Haley has failed so miserably?  Some people claim that it is Cassel’s fault.  But how can it be his fault, when the offensive scheme is a run first mentality, and only rely on him not to turn the ball over?  Some may claim that injuries have taken over the team this year…true, but along the front lines of both the offense and defense, where there have been no major injuries to speak of, there is either no protection or no pressure!

Then there are those that argue about a tough schedule.  Ha!  Last year was an easy schedule, and the Chiefs made it look hard.  They tried handing out wins as if they were giving candy to trick-o-treaters!….This year is a tough schedule.  They have played hard in some games, but in others, have came out completely flat!   There is somethings wrong with this team and since it cannot be narrowed down to one position or a single player, unfortunately, the head coach will bite the bullet!

A head coaches job is relatively simple … on paper!  Win Games, Keep Your Job!  The fine print would read something like, “Especially win home games with the loudest stadium in the NFL, and win division games against opponents you see 2 times a year!”  I have outlined that by winning 75% of your home games and 5 of 6 of your division contests, you can easily have an 8-8 season.  Just win 2 more on the road and your should be a lock each and every year for the post-season!

The Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993.  During the time since, the Chiefs have played in 6 post season contests, and lost everyone of them!   Sometimes, as the favorite sometimes as the Wild-Card.  They all had the same outcome!  The Chiefs are looking for playoffs games, but more importantly, they are looking for a playoff win, and 1 post-season run in 3 years, is not going to keep you your job!


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  • Tough topic. Some would argue going from 2-14 to 10-6 and a playoff birth was a huge progression coupled w/ this year having the lockout and several key injuries being a big factor to this years sub-par on field product as a reason for Haley to remain.

    I think Haley remains but I’m 100% positive that there will be an offensive coordinator change as a condition for Haley to stay as the head coach. Charlie Weiss was more important than most thought.

    The big diagnosis of the Chiefs this year is that the lack of depth for this team needs to be addressed via free agency and the draft, especially in the secondary and on-line.

  • O line. Stupid auto correct ;)

  • I think the 10-6 season last year is actually hurting Haley. The Chiefs had a very soft schedule last year, and caught a couple of breaks. This spoiled everybody, and now the public outcry is calling for his termination. While I agree, injuries and lack of preparation due to the lockout hurt this team, losing in the fashion they did, and doing it at home, has really turned the fans and the local media against him. Hard to say, but he could keep his job, but I would not be surprised to see him go, or at the very least a possibly demotion back to the OC position, and bring in a new coach.

  • I think Haley should be safe for one more season, everyone says Chiefs was done rebuilding after the 10-6 season but clearly we have shown otherwise. This year has been a fluke of injuries, our starting TE,RB,S and now Cassel. I am not sure anyone is to blame last year Cassel only had Bowe and Tony M to throw too, and he had a great season besides the last week and playoff game. I still think the Chiefs are a young football team that is still finding its rhythm and a new coach will only slow the process as Charlie Wiess did. With Baldwin,Bowe,Breaston and if
    Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles get healthy I could see the Chiefs being a solid offense next year we need to focus on the O-LINE!! cause we all seen if Cassel has time he can win 11 games as he did on the Pats and 10 with Chiefs. I think the future is good for the Chiefs give it 2 years I think they will be top of the AFC.

  • @Salsy Haley would never agree to stay in KC and be the offensive coordinator. Too much pride.

  • @brian,,, LOL top of the AFC in 2 years. thats funny stuff right there. could you please send me down one of those things your smoking! oh and Moeaki doesnt make a factor to why the Chiefs Suck,, unless you really think his 500plus receiving yards and 3 touchdowns makes that big of a differance in a season!

    @parr I garantee Haley will be fired or he will step down before next season, If hes not i will Quit righting for this site!

    Haley wasnt Offered an Extension a few weeks ago when EVERYBODY was saying Haley deserved one for how he rallied the team and the Wins he got!! Pioli wasnt about to give him an extension cause he knows how the season is going to end, and they wont prolong the development of the team by 1 more year, New coach will start next season. Pioli will not let himself look bad, If he dont fire someone the Fingers could start pointing at him!
    Pioli would get rid of Haley before Cassel!!

  • @Carlos Moeaki is definitely missed. Look at the stats for Pope, Becht and O’Connell. There is no need to have anyone cover any of those 3 playing, which is why teams use different blitz schemes against the Chiefs, especially the last to weeks. You see alot of cover 1 linebacker stunts. So yeah Moeaki is definitely one of many reasons the Chiefs “suck”.

  • The blame falls on Pioli. Pioli has done NOTHING to improve this roster in the 3 years he has been GM.

    The only players who have come onto the KC roster who are legit starters are here because of Haley:

    Eric Berry – I was made public the Chiefs drafted Berry because Haley practically forced him to draft him.

    Steve Breaston – No argument here why Breaston came to KC.

    In fact, Pioli traded away Tony Gonzalez, who is still one of the top TEs in the NFL, and drafted a punt returner in his place.

    Lastly, Pioli traded for, and gave, Matt Cassel a big contract.

    If anyone needs to go, it is Pioli, not Haley.

    @carlos – So, if Haley is back in KC in 2012, you will not come on and write pro-Broncos and anti-Chiefs blog posts? I like the different perspective, but really?

  • you say the Broncos have better Talent than the Chiefs? cause i think Fox would have a couple more wins had he been coaching those exact chiefs

    Coach Fox has made winners out of scrubs.

    Coach Fox woulda handed the ball off to Jamaal Charles in the playoff game last year,

    Coach is to blame first. always has been that way always will be that way!

  • righting… lol i meant writing ! :)

  • Haley didn’t call the plays last year in the playoff game did he?? A good tight end is a more then just stats, TG was and is one of the best blockers out there and something Moeaki was good at, it was his rookie year. Look at the chiefs roster they are super young and looking much better then the Broncos Future. : ) guess this is what we can debate about for many years to come. GOOD OLE AFC WEST, as long as the chargers are losing i am happy!

  • oh 4-5 isn’t winners Chiefs are 4-5 too pretty sure both teams are full of scrubs. Everyone had Jackie Battle starting for the chiefs this year. LOL

  • @Carlos, I’m pretty sire Fox wouldn’t have handed the ball off to Charles because the Chiefs would never sign Fox as their quarterback. ;) although with the way this years going you never know, he might just be an improvement.

  • @Travis – I think releasing Tony G. was hard. I think the Chiefs wanted to keep him, I know the fans wanted him, but I think he wanted out because he wanted to be on a team that had the immediate potential to win a SB. Hindsight is always 20-20!

    About Moeaki, he is the best pass catching TE in the bunch, and with his big play potential, he required more attention than teams are giving to Pope, Becht or O’Connell. Just because he does not have Gates-type numbers, does not mean his loss has not effected the team.

    I think a lot of the play calling duties bounce around from Muir to Zorn to Haley and either one of them may call plays, but neither one of them wants to relinquish their duties. I think in order for the OC to work effectively, he is the only one that calls the plays.

    Due to Haley’s need to micromanage, and the public outcry, I just have a hard time seeing him back next year. He could, but with the way the system works, the GM wants to keep his job so he will do what the fans want and what the owner wants! I am not saying this year is completely on Haley, but he will end up taking the fall in the end.

  • If the chiefs win 6 games should he be fired?? with all the injuries they would not be expected to win more.

  • I don’t think Haley should be fired at all… Pioli should go, if anyone at all.

  • Guess I was right and wrong at the same time! I figured he would be fired but I was guessing that they would wait until the end of the season to do it! Could we possibly see Stanzi come in now?

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