The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


The Good

The Kansas City Chiefs won yesterday and improved to 9-0 by beating the Buffalo Bills 23-13!  This ties the best start in franchise history with the 2003 Chiefs.  The best defense in the league came through in the clutch again yesterday.  The Chiefs forced three turnovers and returned two of those turnovers into touchdowns.  The first was a 100 yard interception return for touchdown by Sean Smith.  The second was an eleven yard fumble return for touchdown by Tamba Hali after rookie Marcus Cooper forced the fumble.  The Chiefs defense scored the teams only two touchdowns on the day.

Week after week this defense pulls out all the stops and forces turnovers at the most opportune times.  The Chiefs have yet to allow a team to score more than 17 points on them all year and easily stand-alone right now as the best defense in the league.  The Chiefs are only giving up 12 points a game right now which leads the league.

The Bad

The Chiefs are showing bad signs of breaking down.  Jamaal Charles was still solid as he ended with 90 yards rushing on 17 carries.  The bills though had an interesting approach with Charles that put a major hamper on the passing game; they limited him greatly on his YAC (yards after catch).  Charles had 6 receptions which is around his norm but he only managed 6 yards total on those catches.  In the upcoming weeks the Chiefs are going to have to find a way to move the ball without Charles as teams like the Broncos, Chargers, and Colts will not allow him to beat them.

While the defense literally won the game for the Chiefs they did show some bad signs by giving up a number of big plays.  Rookie Marquise Goodwin started the scoring with a 59 yard touchdown reception.  CJ Spiller added a few big plays as well with a 61 yard rush and a 27 yard reception.  Fred Jackson also added a big play with a 22 yard reception.  The defense actually ended up giving up 470 yards of total offense while the Chiefs offense only managed 210 yards.

The Ugly

I have been writing about this trend for weeks now, Alex Smith cannot throw the ball downfield.  The Chiefs passing game has been regressing for weeks now and as the Bills slowed down Charles it led to a whopping 124 passing yards on 19 completions.  That is only 6.5 yards a completion.  Just for comparison that is around half of Drew Brees’ average completion yesterday (12.7) against a top 5 defense in the New York Jets.  And if you are wondering how he compared to the bad QB from yesterday’s Jets vs. New Orleans Saints game; Geno Smith averaged more than 14 yards a completion.  If that comparison wasn’t bad enough how about this one; the Chiefs defense had 13 less yards than Alex Smith did passing.  That’s right with 111 yards on their turnovers the defense had close to the same output as Alex Smith did passing.

Andy Reid is a GREAT play caller and a GREAT coach.  For the Chiefs to win against good teams Reid is going to have to get very creative.  The Broncos, Colts, and Chargers will all press cover the receivers, play with a safety in the box, and follow Jamaal Charles’ every move.  Why shouldn’t they?  It’s great that Alex Smith doesn’t turn the ball over but 9 points from the offense on three field goals against the Buffalo Bills will not get this team any farther than the first round of the playoffs.

The Chiefs have a bye week to prepare to play the Broncos at Denver.  If the Chiefs offense that we saw against Buffalo shows up get ready to be embarrassed Chiefs fans.  The final score will be somewhere around 38-13.  The Chiefs defense is the best in the league but Peyton Manning may be the best in league history.  If the offense can’t convert third downs and possess the ball for more than 35:00 minutes of the game the defense will get worn down and give up points.  Let’s all hope Andy Reid has some tricks up his sleeve and Alex Smith figures out how to stretch the field.


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