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The Future Starts Now

The Kansas City Chiefs are bad.  Let’s get that out of the way first.  This team has not had a lead in regulation once all season.  The only lead the Chiefs had was when they kicked the field goal to beat the New Orleans Saints.  Instead of dwelling on how terrible this team is, it is time to look to the future.  With any future in the NFL that means what are we going to do at quarterback?  Here we are going to outline the steps the Chiefs need to take to figure out the future of this franchise.

The first step in this process is to throw Ricky Stanzi to the wolves.  It is obvious Matt Cassel is not the answer, and we already knew Brady Quinn wasn’t either.  It already scares me that the coaches haven’t given him a shot.  It also scares me that he lost the backup position in camp to Brady Quinn.  Either way it is time to find out if he has a future or not.

Step two is figuring out if Scot Pioli and Romeo Crennel are going to be back next year.  Pioli bet it all on Cassel and that was a terrible decision.  After the strong finish last year Crennel looked like he could motivate this team and bring them back to their 2010 form.  Turns out motivation does nothing when your quarterback turns the ball over fourteen times in five games.

Step three is to decide to draft one or sign one.  The only decent quarterback who the Chiefs could possibly sign is Tony Romo.  And before everyone hates on him too much let’s not forget he has been a pro bowl quarterback for years now with little to no support from his offensive line, running game, or defense.  Now he gets the blame for the Cowboys, but truthfully, they are not as talented as people think.  If the Chiefs look to draft a quarterback then I have bad news for you.  This draft class is nothing compared to last years.

I wrote an article last year that the Chiefs should take Robert Griffin III late in the first round or in the second round if he came out after his Junior year.  Turns out the rest of the country realized how good he was and the Redskins made him the second pick overall.  I also thought Brandon Weeden would be a solid option in the later rounds but turns out the Browns thought he was first round worthy.  This year’s crown jewel is Matt Barkley.  Mel Kiper Jr. has now put Geno Smith ahead of him, but I think that is ridiculous.  I have watched five of Geno Smith’s games this year and it seems that the Big 12 has already figured him out.  Barkley on the other hand is in his fourth year as a starter and continues to put up big time numbers on a USC team that has little to no depth due to the NCAA sanctions on scholarships.  Now that the Chiefs cannot even compete with the Raiders there is a good shot the Chiefs could have a top two pick in the draft.  Let’s all start hoping that Matt Barkley is half as good as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin.  If he is then as early as next year the Chiefs could at least be back to respectable and watchable.

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