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The NFL Friday Five

  1. Heading into No-Shave-November, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley demonstrated the power of the rally beard. When his face was oh so delicately shaved and manicured, his team was outscored 89 – 10 in the first three games of the season. Since taking a more grizzly approach, the Chiefs have won 3 in a row, scoring at least 24 points in each contest. Let’s just hope Mrs. Haley takes issue with the facial fuzz.
  2. In this weekend’s guaranteed blow out, the New Orleans Saints face the women’s flag football league St. Louis Rams. Coming into this game, the Rams have scored a league low 56 total points. Last week, the Saints won by 55, and scored 6 more points in that game than the Rams have all year.  You might be able to find slightly better odds on winning the lottery than watching the Rams come away with this one.
  3. One does not simply walk into the Mordor the AFC North.  Weighing in with the 1st (Steelers), 2nd (Ravens), 3rd (Bengals), and 7th (Browns) ranked defenses in the NFL, the division has proven to be harder to score on than a nun on menopause. It’s no wonder that all of these teams are at .500 or better in the win column.
  4. The Broncos must have found some lucky horseshoes. In their comeback victory over the Dolphins, they needed an onside kick retrieval to keep their hopes alive. For the first time in 23 years of coaching, and well over 300 games, a John Fox coached team gained possession from an onside kick.
  5. The most boring match up of the season could be summarized as this: in the Seattle vs. Cleveland match up last week, there were more punts than points. A defensive showdown can be quite entertaining, but this wasn’t exactly the stuff of legends.

Did you notice any obscure, interesting, or amazing NFL happenings from the past week, or going into this weekend? Post them in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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  • The newspaper in Cleveland actually red Indians 6 Mariners 3 last Monday…. ;)

  • (Read not red)…..sorry stayed up late watching the series.

  • 1 – I’m on board with the rally beard… Neck is really starting to itch!

    2 – I would bet on the Saints in this game even if the spread was 21 points, instead of the current 13.

    3 – Cleveland’s defense is the reason I didn’t take the Niners to cover the 9 point spread this weekend… Alex Smith is bound to single-handedly lose a game for the 49ers at some point.

    4 – I was in the mountains in CO last Sunday… I couldn’t believe that comeback as I listened on the radio… WOW!

    5 – Loved the Seattle/Cleveland game! I picked up the Seattle defense in all 3 of my fantasy leagues as bye week fill ins for the Niners… They were the #2 scoring D in all 3 leagues! (Chiefs #1)

  • I hope Haley looks like grizzly Adams when the season is over. Last week amazing thing was Saints scored every drive that Brees played. Punter was caught taking a nap during the game. LOL joking

  • Love the Rally BEARD!!!!!!!

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