Five Teams That Will Fare Worse Than The Chiefs in 2010

I am pumped for tomorrow’s game at The New Arrowhead Stadium on prime time but I don’t have much more to say about it because the first game is a black box and I am tired of speculating. As for today, our appetites for football will be satiated at last and there will be plenty of things to watch for around the league.

I am ready for some good NFL football. If you are like me, you are tired of hearing about those who think the Chiefs are going to be in the cellar for another year. It’s understandable that there will be doubters because of the way the Chiefs have played the last three years. However, the experts and prognosticators have seen as much meaningful football as we have and it is easy to default to last year’s results. Good, mediocre or bad, it’s time to find out. I don’t think the Chiefs will be in the playoffs but I do think that they have more weapons and their recently drafted players have the ability to grow and improve which should mean more wins than we have seen in the last three years.

We can be sure that the Rams, Bills, Buccaneers and the Browns will be in the toilet. There are other teams that I believe have a sizable chance of collapsing. I am going out on a limb here with some of these teams but here are five not-so-obvious teams that I believe will fare worse than the Chiefs in 2010 (in order of highest to lowest likelihood that the Chiefs do surpass them):

1. Seattle Seahawks: In what universe does Pete Carroll have a chance to succeed as an NFL head coach? He isn’t given much to work with and he will fail (again) because that is what college coaches do. We all know why he left college football and the Seahawks were dumb enough to facilitate his escape. The Seahawks drafted well but they had to shed their best wideout and their defense looks weak. I think they will collapse for the third straight season.

2. Chicago Bears: A Mike Martz system with a terrible offensive line is doomed to fail. Hiring Martz was a terrible idea for a team that isn’t even set up for a Martz offense, that has drafted horribly and whose field is the worst in the league. They have Julius Peppers but Tommie Harris will be hurt and their secondary is terrible. Doomed! Watch the train wreck!

3. Denver Broncos: With Brandon Marshall gone and Elvis Dumervil hurt, this will make it easier for Josh McDaniels to utterly sabotage the Broncos and he will have Tim Tebow starting at the end of the year. I am not sold on Todd Haley as a head coach but there are worse branches on the Bill Belicheck tree and Josh McDaniels is the worst.

4. Carolina Panthers: This team seems like a fair comparison to the Chiefs with their prime RB’s, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, but Matt Cassel has one good year more than Matt Moore and the Panthers are worse on defense. This team may collapse in 2010.

5. Arizona Cardinals: They might have a chance with Matt Leinart gone but Derek Anderson won’t be much better. They still have a decent defense but they are converting to a 3-4. They will revert to what they were, who we thought they were: bad.


A Tebow Aside: Tim Tebow taking the helm early would not be a bad thing. I doubt his “intangibles” that his cult following worships him for will translate to the NFL. With years of coaching and learning, he can be a decent NFL quarterback but the coach that bought into the hype and the myths will believe he is ready way too soon. Have we all forgotten about the great John Elway, who Tim Tebow is supposed to replace?

I can’t wait for Tim Tebow to fail and I can’t wait for all those #15 jerseys to look stupid on every one of his daft followers. You heard it here: Tim Tebow’s career will not be better than the best modern pro former Florida Gator QB – Rex Grossman.


As for the Chiefs, I think they will threaten to crack the Top 20 this season. That means at least 10 teams should finish below the Chiefs. I always hope I am underrating the Chiefs but until kickoff on Monday night, I will not waver on my prediction for the Chiefs’ record this year, that being 7-9.

What teams do you think are overrated or are getting by on reputation or last year’s finish? What teams or players are you beginning or continuing to root against this season? Will Tim Tebow have a better career than Rex Grossman?

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