Everything works for Chiefs in big win

This is how you snap a losing streak.

There was nothing for fans to complain about as the Kansas City Chiefs got back on track Sunday with a lopsided 42-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Worried about the defense like I was? The improvement was definitely there in the second half. This looked like a different defense in the fourth quarter. And they did a great job limiting the effectiveness of Maurice Jones-Drew, an outstanding running back.

Also, it was good to see rookie safety Eric Berry make more big positive plays than big negative plays. Improvement is a good thing.

Still concerned about Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe? They looked pretty dang good today.

Don’t like Thomas Jones getting all those carries? That game plan worked to perfection today as Jamaal Charles was flat killing it in the fourth quarter.

Seriously. Days like today make my work as a commentator difficult. All you can do is offer praise.

The ONLY thing Chiefs fans have to gripe about is that – apparently – when the Chiefs are involved, you are only called for offensive pass interference if a gun is involved. Even head coach Todd Haley‘s gambles paid off – even when they didn’t. (That last sentence inspired by Yogi Berra, but it makes sense.)

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    Other than that, today’s a win. A big win. A needed win. Especially since the rest of the division wasn’t going 0-3 for the third week in a row.

    This is the first of a big stretch. These next five games, there is a chance – though slight – the Chiefs can go 5-0. That only happened if they won today. Done.

    The play-calling was really good for the most part. And – most importantly – the Chiefs truly looked like they were a playoff team.

    I don’t know if it was being back at Arrowhead Stadium. I don’t know if it was playing an inferior opponent in Jacksonville and fifth-string quarterback Todd Bouman (did you know he was on a tractor?)

    After back-to-back losses, the Chiefs needed to not only get a win, but make a statement. That statement has been made.

    The Chiefs need to make sure this Cassel – 144 quarterback rating for the game – and Bowe keep showing up. With those two, you truly never know. But these last two weeks, this passing game has looked good. Not just legitimate, but good.

    Next up, the Buffalo Bills, a team that has been moving the football all day against a tough Baltimore defense – at Baltimore. It’s not a guaranteed win – no game in the NFL is a guaranteed win. But it’s one the Chiefs HAVE to get if they want to continue on to be a playoff team.

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    • 42-20 with a conservative game plan. The Chiefs took care of business in the second half. Having a conservative game plan plays into the weak hands that these bad teams play with. Look at Baltimore against the Bills today. The Chiefs finally went with what the Jags couldn’t stop and their defense stepped up. The Bills won’t be a pushover but, as we saw today, the Chiefs are capable of pushing teams over.

      As far as the pass interferences go, the league is begging teams to throw the ball. The Chiefs should retaliate by throwing more than 18 times and they will get the calls as well. High five, CHIEFS WIN!

    • Actually, that’s my worry, that they’ll try something like that. I hate the whole “heave and pray for a call” strategy. This team looks like a playoff team – if for no other reason than EVERYTHING else seems to have broken their way this weekend. That is, unless Oakland is for real. Then all bets are off.

    • I don’t mean air it out just to do so but these defenses the Chiefs have faced the last two games and will face in the next three are horrible against the pass. Baltimore is a really good team but they are similar to the Chiefs in that they would be content to run more than pass. If a team has a weakness, it needs to be exploited. Cassel seems up to passing on bad defenses, it’s the coaches who are not showing confidence in Cassel or the receivers.

      I am not critiquing this game as much as I am wanting to prevent Buffalo from getting their first win like they almost did today in Baltimore.

      This Oakland thing is great. It’s probably more about Denver being bad than Oakland being good.

    • @ChiefsCommand I can’t complain much about the Chiefs big win yesterday. Now we just news to apply that to the good teams too!

    • @SammyMojito That’s the key…

    • I went to the bar to watch the game this week, so I didn’t watch the game too intently… In fact, the Bills/Ravens game seemed to grab my attention most of the afternoon.

      I’m not going to say that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a stud, but the Bills appear to be MUCH more difficult of a matchup than I had thought originally.

      Joshua, I think you’re right, the Ravens and Chiefs are pretty similar teams… In just about every aspect.

      I wanted so badly to mark down an 0-6 team as an automatic win, but the Bills are averaging 352.3 offensive yards per game and 26 points per game under Fitzpatrick (4 games).

      If extended for the full season, that’s good enough for 11th in the NFL in offensive yards and 6th in points scored, both ahead of the Chiefs (345 yards, 25 points).

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