Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry… Eric Berry…

I have been waiting all season for Eric Berry to step up and make a big play… On Sunday, he finally did…

Eric Berry got his first interception of the season, forced a fumble and broke up a pass to save a touchdown. I am not going talk about Berry getting burned… This was a great all-around win for the Kansas City Chiefs and I refuse to write, speak or listen to anything negative about the victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Instead, I give you Eric Berry for Heisman Video from Swiperboy. I’m sure you’ve already hear the song and seen the video, but Berry’s performance on Sunday was Vrrrry Scrrrry to the other team!

What do you think about Berry in 2010? What about the rap and video? Comment below!

Which is better/worse, the Eric Berry Heisman rap or the Dexter McCluster Don’t Text and Drive rap?

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