Into enemy territory: Chiefs take on the Donks in Denver

By the time you read this, I will be in Denver, Colorado wearing every piece of Chiefs paraphernalia I can fit on my body, while trying not to get stabbed in the process. I’m here in the Mile High City enjoying the sights and getting ready for yet another huge AFC West showdown.

The Oakland game was a big game. The Chiefs missed a fantastic opportunity to distance themselves substantially from the rest of the flunkies in our division. We didn’t capitalize, and now we’re in a tighter spot than we’ve been in all year. The Denver game presents a great opportunity for this young Chiefs squad. A win in Denver gives us our second divisional win (Oakland is currently at 3-0 and San Diego is at 0-2) and will put us a full game ahead of idle Oakland and keep San Diego at arm’s distance for one more week.

I digress. The opportunity for the Chiefs this Sunday is not only for them to regain their grip on the division, but to completely destroy the Denver Broncos season. The Broncos sit at 2-6. Bronco fans are saying that this game is the last stand. They have one finger clinging to the edge of the cliff. The Chiefs have the chance to start eliminating teams starting this Sunday in Colorado. Beat Denver, and their season is over. Done. Fin.

You put Denver in the coffin and we can start looking at eliminating teams on a week-to-week basis. After Denver, it’s a reeling Arizona Cardinals team that will be under .500 when they come to Arrowhead. Then it’s back out to the West Coast, where we could face a first place Seattle Seahawks team.

This is a great opportunity for this team to get a feel for stepping on teams’ necks. That is what it will come down to later in the season. Oakland isn’t going away, San Diego is going to make a run at some point. Can’t forget about the Wild Card race as well. But the Chiefs, first and foremost, have to worry about themselves. I’m a fan, so I can look ahead and do a bit of advanced scouting and get the lay of the AFC’s land. Not only this division, but this Conference is up for grabs. The Chiefs are on a collision course with a home playoff game if they keep their current pace. Improve in the second half, and we could be looking at a first round bye and/or home field advantage.

A big old opportunity awaits this Sunday. Will the Chiefs seize it? I think they will. I’ll be loud for you guys. Go Chiefs!

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