Scott Pioli with Matt Cassel the monkey on his back

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Here we go again Chiefs fans.  In two weeks the Chiefs have gone from promising to forgotten.  Losing to a perennial playoff contender is one thing but being blown out by a perennial loser that lost by 20 the week before is a whole other monster.  On the very small bright side, at least we didn’t lose by 34 like last year.  I’m not sure if the Buffalo Bills have the Chiefs number or not but either way this was confirmation that this is another lost season.  The Kansas City Chiefs are in a terrible position and I will give you two reasons why as well as the solution.

1. 2nd Worst division in the NFL (To the AFC South)

While this should seem like a strength, it is actually becoming a weakness.  Because we are guaranteed four games a year against the likes of the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders there is still a chance we can contend for 2nd place in the division.  If the Chiefs simply switched places with the Browns in the AFC North, then the Chiefs would win no more than 4 games and would be forced to rebuild.  With the likelihood of winning 6 to 8 games then the Chiefs can keep reaching for the one more piece to put them over the edge.

2. General Manager Scott Pioli on the hot seat

When Scot Pioli was first hired after the 2008 season, he knew the team had to be built from scratch.  The team was blown up and then built on the foundation that Matt Cassel was a future star quarterback.  Obviously Cassel was not the answer.  The issue now is that Pioli doesn’t have time to start over.  The pressure is to win now.  So Pioli will prolong his stay as long as he can by making minor improvements in any way he can.  Pioli also knows that if he fails and is fired so is everyone he hired.

So what is the solution?  The Hunts need to make a tough decision and make it soon.  They either need to fire Pioli and then let everyone else go after the season, or extend Pioli.  While I know the extend Pioli idea will not be a popular one, we cannot expect someone to succeed with this current team.  We all know Cassel is not the answer so why are demanding that Pioli structure a winner with Cassel?  Cassel must go so he can be a backup quarterback somewhere else and the Chiefs need to fall all the way down so they can get back up.  No more of this just losing half the games.  It is better to lose them all so that way one day hopefully soon we can win them all.  I would rather see the Chiefs risk it all to win a Super Bowl instead of hang on to mediocrity.

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