Disappointed in Chiefs’ 13-10 OT win over Buffalo? Don’t be.

All in all, I’m just really happy I don’t have to write about a tie. The Chiefs snatched this one out of the Buffalo Bills‘ grasp just as time expired in overtime late Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium.

It was ugly. It took the Chiefs five quarters of football to beat the winless Buffalo Bills at home. Sad but true. Now here’s the part where I say “don’t let their record fool you” blah blah blah “Ryan Fitzpatrick is the second best rated QB in the league” blah blah blah. So now that’s out of my system.

Here’s the brutal truth Chiefs fans: the Chiefs don’t have enough talent to blow out teams on a week to week basis. The San Francisco 49ers were a mess when they came to Arrowhead. The Jacksonville Jaguars game was a nailbiter, much like today, until the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.

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    The Chiefs do however, have enough talent to WIN on a week to week basis. Who cares that it took us five quarters to beat the Bills? We’re 5-2. Good teams find ways to win. It’s a fact. The Chiefs may not have the most talent in the league, but they are well coached and disciplined.

    Be happy that the Chiefs won today. This was the worst game we have played all season. Give the Bills credit as well. Their defense played well and they were prepared for our offense.

    You also have to point out that not having Dexter McCluster active this week may have hurt our offense. He is a player that opposing defenses have to account for on every play. He’s versatile. The rare OW (offensive weapon) that so many teams lust for. He allows the Chiefs to get creative on short yardage situations. We saw it today when the Chiefs went for it on fourth down early on. If McCluster is in the game at that point, he may have been double covered and allowed something else to open up downfield. If he’s not, then he can run a screen, reverse, double-reverse-flea-flicker, whatever.

    So now here we are. Week Nine, heading out to Oakland for the biggest Chiefs/Raiders matchup in years. Oakland is now sitting at 4-4, just 1.5 games behind the Chiefs’ pace. The magnitude of this game matches that of the San Diego Monday Night Football matchup in Week One.

    This is the biggest Raider Week we’ve seen since God knows when. Maybe since the 90s. It’s a great time to be a Chiefs fan. The AFC West race could change drastically next week in Oakland. The Chiefs can distance themselves from the Raiders and creep closer to the finish line. A loss in Oakland, and that January 2nd game starts taking on a whole new shape.

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