It’s Time For Cyber Palko!

Tyler Palko will be making his first start at quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs Monday night against the New England Patriots. Expectations are not that high, but its anyones guess when it comes to Tyler Palko and his ability to move the Chiefs offense. I thought it would be fun to do a Madden 12 simulation with Cyber Palko running the show.

Simulation Formula :
As most Madden fans know, sometimes the game can be a bit unrealistic. So we will take the average of 5 simulations to come up with our final analysis. The roster that we will use is the current download made available by EA Sports. The weather forecast is predicting light rain, so we will also use that in our simulations. The difficulty is set to All-Madden and the quarters will be set to the traditional 15 minutes.

The Results:
I’m afraid the results do not bode well for the Chiefs. The Chiefs only won 1 out of the 5 simulations. 3 of the games the Patriots won were complete blow outs. Here is what the simulation has concluded.
Palkos Numbers: (average of 5 simulations)
14 completions on 32 attempts, 196 yards passing, with a 44% completion percentage, while averaging 1 touchdown pass, 2 interceptions and a qb rating of 52.4. He carried the rock 5 times for 32 yards and had 1 touchdown run in each simulation.

Final Score Average: New England Patriots 31 Kansas City Chiefs 10

Bonus Madden:
The folks at EA have Ricky Stanzi rated at a 68 overall to Palkos 65 overall rating. I simulated 2 games with Stanzi just out of curiosity, he averaged just one more touchdown than Palko but did not throw any picks, while averaging 242 passing yards. The Chiefs lost both simulations but the scores were closer than those with Palko, but a loss is a loss. We will see tonight how close our sim reults match the actual game, let’s hope the simulations are wrong.

Do you play Madden 12 for the xbox 360? Join my online franchise that starts this Tuesday night with a fantasy draft. Winner at the end of the season gets a 1 year subscription to ESPN The Magazine. There is no entry fee, send a message to my gamertag Parrmageddon on Xbox Live if you want to play!

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  • Very entertaining!

    It’s nice to have something other than the reality of tonight’s matchup to consider.

    I haven’t actually played Madden in a few years. We used to do a $20 buy-in, 16 person Madden Tourney every Super Bowl Sunday… I miss that. It was fun.

    I’m afraid those sim stats may not be too far off for Palko… Which means the Chiefs will definitely loose badly.

    Curious, were any of those INTs returned for TDs? I think there will be one tonight

  • Travis,
    He had a pick 6 in 2 of the 3 simulations.

    We had similar tournaments back in the day, when everybody had to bring their tv and system over someone’s house. Now its great because you can have tournaments and franchises online.

  • Correction 2 of the 5

  • See… The online thing kills it for me!

    Online drafts have also killed the most fun part of fantasy football…

  • Ya’ll both wrong…Palko led Chiefs win tonight 20-18

  • I agree with Travis online drafts are stupid but next year we should do a Chiefscommand league. I bet Pats first half -10.5 and Total Sacks over 3.5. just to make it more interesting tonight.

    @sterling sure hope your right!! My prediction was 42-10 Pats, But lets hope Palko comes out huge!!

  • @Brian – Yep… After the first half I recommend going over to and watch American Horror Story…

    A CC fantasy league is already in the works. Planning to wait until the official end of the NFL season to see who is around to send out info.

  • @Travis I totally agree w/ online killing the fun of fantasy football but for Madden its easier to have a franchise/league that stays current w/ friends not having to lug a bunch of stuff around plus with people having different work schedules it easier to have a season.

    @Sterling We all hope your right

    @Brian I had no idea that you can bet on the amount of sacks in a game, you are truly a betting Yoda full of knowledge and wisdom.

  • I like prop bets not going to lie it much more entertaining then betting the game sometimes, specially if its a hard line. The superbowl has like 500 different prop bets it gets expensive and confusing sometimes, but being a chiefs fan and never having my team in the Superbowl got to make the game more fun to watch.

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